I'm a part-time TV blogger, AMA

Yesterday's blog post - about new Kiwi drama The Blue Rose - was the 500th post in the life of On The Box, a pretty exciting milestone for the blog, and a fairly unbelievable one for me; when I approached Stuff about writing a TV blog, I didn't actually expect them to go for it, let alone for it to run for as long as it has.

500 posts is quite a large number. We've covered everything from 2 Broke Girls to 4 broke Girls. We started with Top Gear and touched on Top Model. We've bobbed and weaved our way through The Ridges, The GC and Paul Henry. We've talked about some good shows, too, like Game Of Thrones and Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

More than just the posts, though, you lot - the readers and commenters - have been a big part of On The Box. Thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. It is genuinely humbling to be part of this blog.

Yet, for all the posts and all the comments, I'm still not too sure how well you know me. Or even how well you want to know me.I mean, I've mentioned little bits about my childhood, or the fact that I have a daughter and a fiancée, or the fact that my first TV love was The X Files. But I don't know if that is too much, or too little, information.

So, for today's post, I'm throwing myself at your mercy.
Ask me anything.

I'm a big fan of Reddit's IAMA section, and have always loved the idea of doing one, so I figured why not do one here? You ask me anything you want to in the comments, below, and I will answer it to the best of my ability. Honestly. Try me. There is no question too big or too small, or too stupid. Ask a TV question. Ask my advice about a favourite show, or album, or movie. Ask whether I would make a good pope. Ask whether I would make Richard Prosser stand down if I was Winston Peters. Ask a personal question that makes me blush. Seriously, ask anything.

For example, I threw this request out to Facebook, and got back a few responses. A reader named Wendy asked "What was your school nickname at primary and secondary school?" - the answer is that I didn't really have one at primary, but secondary school kids mostly called me Philly or Chrispot. Belinda asked "Most of us watch telly to relax...what do you do?" - I usually try to spend time with my daughter and fiancée, though I still do find TV pretty relaxing.

Rachel asked "Have you seen Moone Boy? What did ya think?" - I watched, and loved Moone Boy - and the funny thing with it is that I was 10 years old, living in small town Ireland, at around the same time as the show was set (1990-1991). I can even remember Mary Robinson getting elected president.

Anyway, those are a few possibilities. Now it's your turn ...

I am a part time TV blogger. Ask me anything.

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