Power Rankings: the best shows of March

00:55, Apr 05 2013

Another month, another power rankings! A few shows dropped out after last month: The Following gets more ridiculous every week, The Hour finished with a bit of a whimper, and both Banshee and Sunny Skies only had one episode this month so I left them out - all of which means there are new faces in the Top 11 this time around.

So, let's get on with it. These were my favourite shows during March - be warned: spoilers abound.

11: Bunheads (TV2, Saturday 3pm)
I should've known I'd get sucked in to Amy Sherman-Palladino's new show: I was never a huge Gilmore Girls fan, but I always admired how the show was written, particularly the dialogue. Bunheads has been great through three episodes, moving along at a cracking pace, and bolstered by a fantastic pair of leads.

10: The Blue Rose (TV3, Monday 9.30pm)
Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the new season was that more people didn't tune in for this highly publicised local show, starring Siobhan Marshall and Antonia Prebble. It hasn't been great, admittedly, but it has been much better than the chilly reception it received from viewers would indicate.

09: Once Upon a Time (TV2, Thursday 8.30pm)
The second season of the fairytale-centric show has continued a strong run since returning in February, with Jorge Garcia's giant bolstering one strong episode, the introduction of Captain Hook, and another hour with Red Riding Hood and her canine side, standing out. Its fun, its unlike anything else on TV, and it's entertaining.

08: Fringe (TV2, Tuesday 10.45pm)
The final season of Fringe has been so good that it even managed to suck my Dad back into watching it - no small feat, considering he didn't watch the previous couple of seasons. I'm going to miss Olivia, Peter and Walter when they're gone for good. Fringe has been, at times, among my favourite shows, and I'll remember it fondly.


07: Go On (TV3, Tuesday 8pm)
Have Matthew Perry's irresistible charm, will travel. Go On brings the belly laughs and emotional chills in equal measure, making the most of a strong ensemble cast (and Perry, of course), and getting surprisingly good mileage out of a mourning widower.

06: New Girl (Four, Monday 8pm)
New Girl only had two new episodes during March - and they were so good that it still managed to crack the Top 6. Winston claiming he couldn't pee on Schmidt's face after a jellyfish sting due to an empty bladder, then wondering if a "number two" would work instead, might be the laugh-out-loudest gag the show has ever done.

05: Girls (SoHo, finished)
You can read my review of the finale, and the season, right here.

04: Top of the Lake (UKTV, Monday 8.30pm)
Check out my review of the premiere here - it's still early days, but Jane Campion's locally set series is mighty impressive.

03: Sons of Anarchy (TV3, Wednesday 9.30pm)
Well, if that wasn't the best stretch of Sons - Clay using Juice and Unser to take out his home-invading cohorts, Nero's friend Carla taking herself out in dramatic fashion, Jax keeping a tenuous grip on SAMCRO before coercing a troubled Gemma into helping the club - then I'd be interested to know what is the best stretch, because that stretch was awesome.

02: The Walking Dead (TV2, finished)
You can read my review of its disappointing finale here - but the preceding episodes keep it near the top of this list.

01: The Americans (TV3, Monday 11.55pm)
It's distressing to me that a show as riveting, and engrossing, and great, as The Americans clearly is can fly completely under the radar. The storyline is perfectly crafted, balancing the episodic and series-long arcs, and getting the best from its cast. It is scandalous that poor ratings have pushed it to near-midnight.

What were your favourite shows from the past month?

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