Power rankings: the best TV shows of May

21:55, Jun 06 2013

It's hard to believe we're nearly halfway through the year already - and with the passing months comes new and exciting television to consume. But before we get too excited about what is around the corner, let's take a look back.

Here are my Top 12 Shows for May 2013 ...

12. Arrow (TV2, Wednesdays 9.30pm): The first four episodes of the superhero show have set up what should be a great series - Stephen Amell still isn't showing us much (beyond his rock-hard abs) but the gritty action scenes and interesting flashbacks do more than enough to cover for him. Plus, Captain Jack! Do you think Gwen is floating around somewhere?!

11. Raising Hope (Four, Sundays 7pm): The underrated comedy is back for its third seasons and I couldn't be happier. Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt are two of the best supporting actors in TV comedy. Plus, it has a rare knack for getting funnier even as it ventures further into the ridiculous - which it (fortunately) does frequently.

10. Doctor Who (Prime, concluded): I know my review didn't sound overly positive, but I really did enjoy the latest season of the show - highlight episodes Nightmare in Silver, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS and The Rings of Akhaten stood out, and news that Smith is vacating the role soon has slightly adjusted my thinking about that finale.

09. Veep (SoHo, Thursdays 9pm): The second season of Veep hasn't been quite as good as the first - though I do love the addition of cast members Gary Cole and Kevin Dunn, two of my favourite "hey, it's that guy" supporting actors. Tony Hale has been a star for me; between this and Arrested Development S4, he's having a helluva year.


08. Go On (TV3, Tuesdays 8pm): It's hard to motivate myself to tune in for Go On anymore, now that I know it's been cancelled. But the show is still ticking along, as funny as ever. There was a nice little multi-episode cameo from Piper Perabo, who pulled double-duty on Go On and Covert Affairs (Four, Fridays). I think I liked her better here, though.

07. Fringe (TV2, concluded): I still miss Olivia and Peter and Walter. Check out my review, here.

06. Harry (TV3, Wednesdays 9.30pm): I'll have a full set of thoughts next week, following the finale - just know that I have been loving the local police drama. Oscar Kightley's performance hasn't improved since the premiere (it might have got worse), but it's hard to shine when Erroll Shand is doing career-defining work opposite you.

05. Wilfred (Four, Sundays 10pm): Check out my breakdown of how weird Wilfred is, here.

04. New Girl (Four, concluded): The second season of New Girl was able to do something that is kinda tricky - take a situation that doesn't sound fun at all, and turn it into a sequence so enjoyable that it becomes a highlight, like Schmidt being forced to choose between Cece and Elizabeth at the tail end of the finale. You can't see me, but I'm fist-pumping to Cotton Eye Joe right now.

03. Mad Men (SoHo, Sundays 8.30pm): Okay, so everyone in the office got high, Ken did some tap dance while exclaiming "it's my job!", and Stan took a craft knife to the arm. Then, the following week, Peggy stabbed her boyfriend in the gut, Megan was propositioned, and Don slept with Betty. Best two-episode stretch of the season so far? I say yes.

02. Breaking Bad (SoHo, Tuesdays 8.30pm): Yes, I know SoHo are only just now playing the first half of Season 5, which aired late last year in the USA. Please don't post that in the comments. By the way, if you need a name for me, you can call me "yes sir" or "no sir".

01. Game of Thrones (SoHo, Mondays 8.30pm): The event that caused the angriest swearing during May? Thrones taking a week off for Memorial Day in the USA. "Surely they know Game of Thrones is more important than Memorial Day, right?!" That's a direct quote from a friend of mine. Fortunately, the show has been delivering episode after episode of sheer genius for the past five weeks - and that's without even counting this past Monday.

Dropping out: Bizarre drama Top of the Lake, bikie soap Sons of Anarchy and spy thriller The Americans all drop out as they've finished for the year.

Coming soon: Rainy cop drama The Killing (SoHo, June 5) returned on Wednesday; British comedy Spy (One, June 7) finally gets a run here; Kiwi thesps Danielle Cormack and Robbie Magasiva lead Aussie-made prison drama Wentworth (TV2, June 10); Charlie Brooker's twisted sci-fi drama Black Mirror (SoHo, June 12) is must-see; and the Winchesters are back on Supernatural (TV2, June 19). Expect all of these shows to have an impact on next month's power rankings!

What have been your favourite shows in the past month? Do you agree with my list?

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