Friday Q&A: ask me anything

22:28, Jun 27 2013

As regular readers may recall, I did an AMA (I'm a part-time TV blogger, ask me anything) back in February to mark my 500th official post for On the Box. Well, I thought that was great fun - and since it seemed to go so well, I thought we could do it all again. Also, I'm tapped out of ideas for this week. Hey, at least I'm honest.

Seriously though, go right ahead: ask me anything you'd like, in the comments below.

This seems an interesting time to do a little Q&A. The first half of the year is in the bag. A number of shows finish up in June and July. Bones finished up last night. The fact that I'm not reviewing it tells you everything you need to know about my thoughts on that. So we could talk about that if you wanted. I won't be the only one to answer, I'm sure.

But that's just one idea for you. It's open season. If your question isn't too rude and if it can get past the blog comment moderators, then ask away. Here are three questions I've been asked via email recently, to get the ball rolling ...

Just wondering if you had any idea when Defiance will be screening in NZ if at all? It ties into a game and it's hard to follow only one side of the story  without doing it illegally and I can't find any info as to if and when it will screen over here.
- Peter

I've seen the first few episodes of Defiance - Grant Bowler is always fun, it's a quality production (for a SyFy show, at least) and a unique story; the number of good sci-fi shows is dwindling, so this would be a great addition. As far as a Kiwi airing for the show goes, I've heard nothing concrete. All I've been told is that one local network is looking at bringing it over for one of their channels, and I can't give you more detail than that. If, or when, that might happen for sure is anyone's guess. In the meantime, might I recommend Falling Skies (Sundays at 9.30pm, The Box)?


Could you please write something about the brilliant TV show Suits? It's about to start its third season in the US. How come great shows like this are not on TV in New Zealand? Even my non-TV-loving girlfriend loves this show.
- Nathan

Since I stick to shows that are airing locally, I haven't seen a single episode of Suits, which sounds like a rather interesting legal drama. But it does keep getting mentioned as one of those really great shows that has never aired here or which didn't pick up any traction in this country and got pulled off the air again; White Collar and Burn Notice are two more (the latter airing on Four at the moment). I don't really understand it, myself. In the case of Suits, the show has a strong creative pedigree - director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Swingers) serves as producer - and it rates better in the USA than something like The Americans or Breaking Bad, both of which were tried (and failed) here. I'm not sure why any of our local channels have given it a miss; maybe if you guys make a lot of noise in the comments, it might get a chance.

True Blood--Any idea when if ever this is coming back with a new series?
- Ian

The sixth season of True Blood is starting on Prime next Friday, July 5, at 9.30pm (and you can re-watch the Season 5 finale tonight at 9.30pm, if you're interested).

OK, over to you now - take to the comments and ask me anything. You know, within reason.

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