Netflix, save these!

22:34, Nov 21 2013

News broke this week that Netflix had given Veena Sud six episodes to wrap up The Killing, her cancelled-revived-cancelled series that originally aired on AMC (and locally on SoHo) - and, as you'd expect, the internet went crazy with ideas on what Netflix should save next.

The online film and television outlet is making a habit of producing top quality drama and comedy, and it appears they're willing to expand their operations (remember, this is the second big news story about Netflix in consecutive weeks).

And since they are starting to make a habit of saving shows - The Killing, Arrested Development - I thought I'd weigh in with a few shows that I reckon they should revive for another season or two.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, below. Here are six shows Netflix should save next ...

Veronica Mars (64 episodes, cancelled in 2007)
The cast is obviously too old to pick up where the show left off, and I don't know what creator Rob Thomas has in store for the movie. But given how good the show was back when it was on the air ("These guys know what they're doing on a level that intimidates me." - Joss Whedon), I have no doubt that whatever Thomas has in store would be better as a 10- or 13-part series. If you can get Veronica, Logan, Keith and the rest back in Neptune, I'm sure magic will follow.

Deadwood (36 episodes, cancelled in 2006 ... kinda)
The official word on the cancellation of Deadwood is that there is no official word - cast contracts expired, sets were dismantled, and HBO couldn't reach an agreement with David Milch on how to go forward. Yet, Deadwood has story left to tell, and has enjoyed a second wind online and on DVD. Netflix would be the first people to tell you that interest in Deadwood is high. Personally, I would've preferred they give The Killing's six episodes to Milch and let him finish the stories of Seth Bullock and Al Swearengen properly, once and for all.


Invasion (22 episodes, cancelled in 2006)
One of my favourite sci-fi serials to come out after the success of Lost, the writers of Invasion were forced to change their hurricane-centric story in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The changes derailed the story they were trying to tell, forcing them to rush everything and killing the show in the process. In a perfect world, Netflix would give creator Shaun Cassidy a chance to start over, to reboot his show and tell his story the way he wanted to tell it all along.

Boss (18 episodes, cancelled in 2012)
HBO style with a Starz budget and audience; I'm convinced that if Boss had been on any other channel than one where it was forced to compete with Spartacus, it would have been a success. And given the success Netflix has enjoyed with House Of Cards, why wouldn't they be interested in another original political series.

The Twilight Zone (265 episodes in three different runs, last cancelled in 2003)
Why not take a punt on an anthology series? A new version of The Twilight Zone could land somewhere between Black Mirror and American Horror Story. And with the big names starting to mount up at Netflix - David Fincher, Eli Roth, Jenji Kohan, Drew Goddard - there is a wealth of talent to draw from. Imagine a 10-part anthology series where each episode is written and produced by someone different every week, drawing on the talent already in-house. Wow.

Firefly (14 episodes and a movie, cancelled in 2002)
Fan interest in Firefly remains extremely high and it has picked up countless new viewers along the way, since it was cancelled - a lot like an existing Netflix success story (Arrested Development). They could do anything with Firefly and fans would flock to it. Personally, I'd like them to revive the show, but set it between the end of the series and the tart of Serenity. Kind of a Firefly: The Lost Years concept. Get Joss on the phone, right now!

So, have at it: which shows would you like to see revived by somebody like Netflix? What do you think of my list?*

(*) Wondering why I omitted some of your favourites? I left out Freaks & Geeks and My So Called Life because I think they were both very much of their time, and their respective casts were lightning-in-a-bottle, while Jericho and Friday Night Lights were left out because I'm actually fine with how they ended.

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