Random thoughts: penultimate blog post edition

21:13, Dec 04 2013

Well, here we are - the penultimate blog post at On The Box which, as I mentioned in passing earlier in the week, is shutting down as of Friday (and as mentioned, I'll be announcing future plans via Twitter and Facebook, so make sure you Like or Follow me there). So what does one do with the small amount of time he has left?

I call them Random Thoughts - and here are a few I've had while waiting for my music video to crash Vevo ...

IF NOTHING ELSE, THE first episode of The Millers (which started on Prime last Sunday night) should be remembered for making Margo Martindale, the Emmy-winning actress from the second season of Justified, the centre of two fart jokes. I reckon that was pretty stink. It's a sh*t way to treat such an esteemed actress, to just blow off her talent like that, and I think the poople responsible should be ashamed. Okay, I'm finished.

"IS IT ACTUALLY POSSIBLE," says History Channel, "that aliens created the Easter Island heads as a clue towards the true meaning of Stone Henge?" "No," says me. "No it isn't." "But, aliens!" says History Channel. "Shut up and give me real histories," says me. "Aww, but aliens are fun," says History Channel. "Maybe," says me, "but they aren't histories which is what you promised me." "I don't care," says History Channel, defiantly.

MY FIRST AND LAST word on Underbelly: Squizzy - it is bloody awful.

SPOILERS FROM FAMILY GUY follow ... RIP Brian Griffin. Your gruesome death will be remembered as the exact moment when all the people who watch everything online finally stopped giving a crap about the rest of us, and just started posting spoilers with reckless abandon. Even Jono & Ben At Ten featured the footage from the episode without warning. So, from everyone like me, who just waits to watch (most) things when they air in New Zealand, thanks for nothing.


PERSONALLY, I THINK AMAZON should have just gone straight past delivery drones, and started pouring money into figuring out teleportation. Imagine ordering something from Amazon and having it appear in front of you within a few minutes? Actually, some people would still complain it wasn't fast enough.

FOX WATCH, DAY 28: Still no sign of the missing shows. I've been forced to recreate episodes of The Simpsons in stop motion using old McDonalds toys and sound effects from a Nintendo DS. I can't even remember what Carrie Matheson look like, let alone the sound of her incessant crying.

I DON'T THINK IT is ironic that Paul Walker sadly passed away, alongside good friend Roger Rodas, in a manner befitting a character in one of the films that made him famous. But we are going to look back on this as an oddity, in the same way we think about something like The 27 Club.

WANT TO WATCH A show that is sneakily entertaining? You could try The Writers Room, which airs Thursdays at 9pm on SoHo - Jim Rash (aka Dean Pelton on Community) interviews the head writers from some of the best shows around, and also talks to people from Dexter. The second episode, with the entire writers room from Breaking Bad, was a great half-hour of television.

I DON'T KNOW WHO created Robot Combat League, which starts tonight at 7.30pm on Four, but I want to find them and thank them.

I WAS ACTUALLY FINE with the cancellation of Nothing Trivial - the ratings were bottoming out and the show hadn't been as good this year as it was in years past. Well, I mean, I was fine with it until last night's episode ended with a cliffhanger. You can't see me, TVNZ, but I'm furiously shaking my fist in your direction.

CHECK OUT THESE TEASER trailers for brand new HBO drama True Detective, which stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as a pair of detectives revisiting a case they were involved with nearly two decades earlier - one here, and the other here (both NSFW). Show debuts on SoHo on January 14, around 30 hours behind the USA.

WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, check out the latest trailer for Ronald D Moore's new scifi/SyFy series Helix. It looks great!

LASTLY, HERE ARE A few links that have caught my attention lately: Sony have registered a bunch of web domain names associated with video game The Last Of Us, implying that a movie is on the way ... fellow blogger Paul Casserly handed out a few (highly entertaining) TV awards ... the BBC have announced dates and times for the Doctor Who Christmas Special, titled The Time Of The Doctor ... mild spoilers here, but The CW have released a few clips of a new character on Arrow named Barry Allen, who later becomes (drum roll) THE FLASH ... Louis CK has signed a production deal with FX to make more shows, thus proving there IS a god ... The Crowd Goes Wild is now a breakfast radio show ... Orange Is The New Black creator Jenji Kohan is making a "provocative period drama" for HBO ... and Throng proves that 7pm programming is performing better than almost anything else. Phew!

How about you - do you have any random thoughts you'd like to share?

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