Readers are the better lovers

Readers are, scientifically speaking, apparently the best people to fall in love with. At least according to this article:

"...those who read fiction are capable of the most empathy and "theory of mind", which is the ability to hold opinions, beliefs and interests apart from their own."

Now I realise that not everyone reads. Nor am I making any judgments about people who don't. But keeping in mind that this is a reading blog, I do, of course, wholeheartedly embrace this idea of readers making the best romantic partners. 

Admittedly the article gets a little starry-eyed about the joys of dating readers. I've met plenty of annoying, know-it-all twats with groaning bookshelves, and some very lovely people who have read maybe five books since high school.

But if we take this theory seriously for a minute, and use it to make some generalisations (for the heck of it, humour me) - the best conversations I've had have been with readers.

It's fun to go on dates with people who read. Even non-readers will, I think, agree with me here. So I've come up with my own list of why readers are the best people to fall in love with...

Readers are passionate
People who are passionate about something - whether it's a cause, a sport, or hey books (!) - make great romantic partners. If they have the ability to be so devoted to something outside of work and home, then it can be easy to see that devotion translate to the ability to fall truly, madly, deeply in love as well. Plus, passionate people are interested and engaged with the world, which makes them more interesting on the whole.

They can write
Most avid readers can turn a phrase better than the average non-reader. They love prose, so it stands to reason that they spend more time thinking about what they're saying. It's a joy to receive love letters/emails, texts or anything in written form from a reader. Good spelling and grammar is a given, but the real gift is in their ability to seduce through words.

Curiosity about the world
Why do you think people read? It's to find out how the world and others work, to learn something about the mysteries of the universe, to escape, to enjoy, to ponder, to take on another's viewpoint for a while. Even the trashiest of romances, the most shallow of YA fantasy, offers the opportunity to learn something about our world and the experiences of others. Readers are curious people, and curious people will also want to learn more about you. Admit it, isn't the idea of being with someone who is open to lifetime learning at least a little appealing?

A dying breed
According to every single alarming statistic and study that has been released in the past decade since the rise of the internet, readers are a dying breed. People just don't have the attention span for novels or longform journalism anymore. In fact, you're doing well if you've read to the end of this blog post. We readers are fast becoming an endangered species, so if you fall in love with us, you might just help save us from extinction. After all, readers breed other little readers and help preserve future generations of "thinker-ly" bookworms.

Do you think readers are the best people to fall in love with? Why?

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