Happiest reading moments

19:34, Nov 05 2013

I've been inspired by this list of the 23 best parts about being a book lover to come up with my own list of the happiest moments of being a reader.


Space and quiet are the two things that all readers cherish. Reading requires solitude (and fortitude, but we'll get to that). But I think most readers would agree with me that being able to carve out pockets of solitude, by tuning out the world and getting lost between the pages of a book, is one of the most cherished things about being a reader. I know that noise makes it difficult to concentrate when I initially start reading something, but once I get absorbed into the story, it's like I've locked myself into a bubble - and nothing else exists but me and my book. Bliss. 

Lying down while reading

In bed, on a couch, on the sand, on the grass, underneath blue sky and sunshine. Being able to lie down while still being intellectually stimulated, imaginatively engrossed and creatively blown away is one of the best things about being a reader. How many non-readers can work away on their hobbies while lying down and in a state of relaxation? Some may call it laziness, but I prefer to think of readers as people who like gentle, docile activities on the outside, but are hardboiled adventurers on the inside.

Getting carried away by a story


I've blubbered through books, laughed till my stomach hurt, gotten so angry I had to punch a pillow and felt insanely jealous - all emotions that were evoked purely by reading. Getting so lost in a story that when the book sadly ends, or you're reluctantly pulled back into the world by such pesky responsibilities as work and loved ones, is a reader's prerogative. A talented writer can sweep you away into new worlds, expose you to new ways of thinking, shake your belief system...all the best things about reading.

Daydreaming about characters...

...long after the books have ended. It's like writing fan fiction, but inside your head. I've spent many blissful long plane or car rides daydreaming about potential storylines to continue where my favourite books left off. I'll invent entire scenarios where the characters I adore could possibly come back and star in an entirely new book. It's like writing a stage play in my mind. Sigh.

The promise of a new book

A new book by a favourite author (I have more than one, of course), or that comes with rave reviews (like Veronica Roth's Divergent series...can't wait to get started!) can send me into raptures, ecstasies! It's like all the special events in life rolled into one. Like a new relationship, the promise of a new story to unravel is bliss for a reader.

What are some of the things that make you happy as a reader?

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