Oscar awaits

Last updated 11:42 08/03/2010

ChickensdrinkOscarsIt's Oscar day! The most importantest, most seriousest, botoxingly prestigiousest, self-appointedly momentous event of the year.

This afternoon - Sunday LA time - the women's fashions will be judged harshly, the men's orange skin and freshly dyed hairlines perused closely, copious body make-up smeared over tuxes accidentally and the glittering prizes awarded to the gushing few (most deserving and otherwise).

Sadly, my invitation to attend must have been lost in the mail (again) so I'll be spending  the afternoon in front of SkyMovies and my laptop, hopefully with some hot tea and bickies on the side. Glamorous, I know.

I like the idea of the drinking game with themed cocktails (se cartoon to the right), but it may be a bit early for it...

And if you're wondering what people such as Razzie winner (what a class act for showing up to accept it), and likely Oscar winner for best actress, Sandra Bullock is up to before the ceremony begins, here's the likely scenario. Sort of like the high school dance only more expensive.

Meanwhile, I'll be glued to the broadcast reporting on the David and Goliath, ex-wife vs ex-husband, US soldier vs Na'vi battle royale.

Feel free to follow the live blogging chat thingummy wotsit we'll be laying on for you office-bound types here from 12pm.

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paul   #1   12:12 pm Mar 08 2010

Yay for Mysky! Going to watch it tonight. So will be avoiding Stuff all afternoon cos frankly as a new site you lot have Tourettes when it comes to spoilers on major entertainment events.

If Avatar wins anything beyond technical awards (go Kiwis!) I will be really, really, really disappointed.

Zombie   #2   12:46 pm Mar 08 2010

Sandra Bullock was class at the razzies. Fantastic if she wins and goes up on stage with the Razzie.

Bemused   #3   03:59 pm Mar 08 2010

Tired of reading that Meryl Streep is going for a 'record-breaking' fourth oscar. No she's not. Walt Disney won 22 oscars from 59 nominations - so she has a little catching up to do methinks

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