Robin Williams - best and worst

Robin Williams has been and gone from these shores for his first stand-up tour of NZ, but his films shall live on in infamy.

(One of the best laughs of his Weapons of Self Destruction show was a spontaneous one:

During the encore, someone in the crowd yelled out "Mork!"

Williams quipped back: "After an hour and a half you've only just realised who I am?")

Everyone has a favourite Williams film and (at least) one that just makes you cringe to think of it - even Williams joked about how dreadful Bicentennial Man is.

So for the good:

The World According to Garp (1982)  in this radical for its time film, Williams plays the straight-man, surrounded by stars such as Glenn Close and John Lithgow (playing the cross-dresser Roberta Muldoon).

Dead Poets Society (1989) "Oh captain, my captain!" I so wanted an English teacher like him, until I got one - the inspiring individualist Ms McColl called us all "cherubs" and "scholars" when we behaved - other things when we were unruly...

Aladdin (1992) While Williams's big blue genie may grate on the nerves for some, he was responsible for firing up the trend of celebrity voices for cartoon characters, which lead to things like Shrek and, well, pretty much any mainstream modern US cartoon movie you can think of - including his penguin pic Happy Feet and Happy Feet 2 (coming out next year).

Good Will Hunting (1997) Another mentor inspiring young 'uns in the mould of Dead Poets, but he won an Oscar for this one.

One Hour Photo (2002) Who would have thought the man who played Hook could be such a creepy stalker?

Mrs Doubtfire (1993) I never really liked the crossdressing nanny schtick but for some reason people loooove a man in a dress. Hilarious (unless it's actually your dad in a dress - how much counselling would those three kids need?).

It's intriguing that the man who has an R18 stand-up show with such one-liners as: "God gave man a brain and a penis but only enough blood to run one at a time" has made so many cloyingly cringeworthy "family" films.

The worst:

License to Wed, Old Dogs, RV, Bicentennial Man, Father's Day and Jack (as parodied by Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder), and the list goes on...

Enter your picks for best and worst Robin Williams moments below.

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