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Last updated 08:54 16/07/2012

The other week I gave the first half of this year its cinematic report card. Now, I will look forward to what movie delights await us in the second half of the year.

Here are the movies that I am most looking forward to.

The Dark Knight Rises

Well, duh. Who is not looking forward to the third and final instalment in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy? Nobody, that's who.

Sure, Catwoman is a tough sell. Sure, the Dark Knight wasn't perfect. Sure, franchises are always in danger of toppling over into crowded, empty spectacle. But I believe we are in the safest hands possible with Nolan. I think we can trust him.

Look at his record so far. Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception. That's a straight run of six great films. Which other modern director could boast the same?

Excited. And we only have to wait a few more days.

The Campaign

"My hair could lift a car off a baby if it had to,'' says Will Ferrell in the trailer for this political satire.

Ferrell, unlike Nolan, is not the most reliable movie beast. You are never sure if one of his absurd comedies is going to be Anchorman (great) or Step Brothers (not so great).

This one teams Ferrell with Zach Galifianakis - who is always good value.

Check out the trailer. It looks fun.


Growing up in 1980s Britain, it was hard to miss 2000AD and its breakout star Judge Dredd.

Judge Dredd is on a dwindling list of comic book heroes, or antihero in this case, who have never been done justice on the big screen. In the mid-1990s, this teaser for the Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd, complete with fantastic Jerry Goldsmith music composed especially for the trailer, blew me away. It's a shame the film did not live up to this trailer:

Now, Judge Dredd has been given another chance. Dredd, starring NZ's own Karl Urban in the title role, looks interesting. Will they finally crack the complex antihero that is Judge Dredd? One thing is for sure, I will be there to find out.


This one surprises me.

I was looking through the list of films coming out this year and had never heard of this. It is a Disney digimation with quite a neat concept for anyone who grew up playing arcade machines.

Check out the trailer:

It's got Zangief from Street Fighter and Bowser from Mario. How did Disney manage to get the rights to Nintendo games? Amazing.

If this is executed well it could be great. If they drop the ball it could be just another non-Pixar digimation snorefest.

Still, it's a great idea and it looks promising.

The Hobbit

Nobody does little people walking long, arduous distances better than Peter Jackson.

Glibness aside, The Hobbit is an exciting proposition. Jackson returning to Middle Earth with a script partly credited to Guillermo del Toro is mouthwatering.

The trailers so far have looked epic.

Peter Jackson and Middle Earth in the cinemas at Christmas ... that feels vaguely nostalgic.

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Penny   #1   09:01 am Jul 16 2012

Stepbrothers - not so great? Oh my god.

Angela   #2   09:05 am Jul 16 2012

I am looking forward to "On the Road" and "The Great Gatsby" - two adaptations that look like they'll not disappoint the respective novel readers. And "The Hobbit", of course.

Knife   #3   09:10 am Jul 16 2012

Dredd looks completely below average.

How was Step Brothers a poor movie?!

Wreck-it Ralph does look choice. Purely because of teh game nerd in me.

Cat   #4   09:18 am Jul 16 2012

I am looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight Rises, though I am a little scared as well - Bane looks seriously creepy. I am also want to see On The Road and The Great Gatsby.

Mark   #5   09:20 am Jul 16 2012

Savages? Moonrise Kingdom? Bourne Legacy? None of those made your cut?!

Reinate   #6   09:30 am Jul 16 2012

Come now ... stepbrothers was hilarious! Not the best ... but by far not the worst

Ewen   #7   09:31 am Jul 16 2012

Oh come on. Cinema isin the toilet just like the rest of the economy. Oohing but rebadging old ideas and 3D novelties. Gimme a break. What's to look forward to? I remember not so long ago being able to go to the multi plex and be spoilt for choice, having to watch up to three movies in one day just to keep up.

Michael   #8   09:32 am Jul 16 2012

I'd go as far as saying Step Brother is better than Anchorman.

I'm looking forward to Killing Them Softly, The Master, Django Unchained, Lawless and Cosmolpolis

Andy   #9   09:51 am Jul 16 2012

@Ewen #7 - I think you gotta get out of the multiplex, for one thing, my friend. There is cinematic goodness out there, if you only just look. And if you can't find anything at the cinema that tickles your fancy? Why, there's a plethora of films on DVD/Blu-Ray to catch up on! Isn't that glorious?

@Michael #8 - I'm with you, so far as looking forward to "Killing Them Softly", "The Master", "Django Unchained" and "Lawless" (if, indeed, we get them this year and not early next).

And I'm also looking forward to "Argo", "Looper", "Moonrise Kingdom", "Gravity", "Skyfall", "Two Little Boys" and everything at the NZ International Film Festival. Yes. EVERYTHING.

CS   #10   09:57 am Jul 16 2012

Step Brothers is a quality movie, and has quite the following. Way underrated, IMO.

Blades of Glory would be a more accurate Will Ferrell "flop."

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