Arnie is back!

Last updated 12:14 17/08/2012

It has been nine years since the last movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a lead role. It will be a nice round decade by the time his new film, The Last Stand, is released next year.

Think about that - 10 years. There are 15-year-olds walking around who perhaps have no idea that Arnie is an action movie star. A bit like when I grew up in the 1980s and mum told me that Ronald Reagan used to be an actor. Really? An actor?

That's a strange thought.

Anyway, here is the poster for The Last Stand:


Look at the size of that gun. It's bigger than his femur. I bet at the end of The Last Stand there will be a credit that reads: "Assistant to Mr Schwarzenegger's mighty weapon". Also, notice the Chevrolet in the background? That's because Arnie is as American as Apple Strudel. I look at that poster and I think: "Arnie, gun, car, sheriff badge, foreboding clouds. Cool." Yes, ladies, that is how men think.

And here is the trailer:

Cool, huh? Arnie firing a great big machine gun and gruffly spouting lines like "I have seen enough blood and death. I know what is coming." It's like the noughties never happened.

I tell you what though, trailers have changed a lot during Arnie's years as the governator. It is odd watching an Arnie trailer without the gruff voiceover telling you what to think. 

You know, like this:

Also, did you notice in The Last Stand trailer that it seems to be set in a leftover set from the Earth segment of Thor?

Did you also notice that they seem to have surrounded Arnie with younger sidekicks? It's like they are nervous about Arnie's extra years and whether he will still be able carry a big action movie. Does Arnie really need a grinning Johnny Knoxville to feed the bullets into his machine gun while he fires? As you can see in the Commando trailer above, Arnie used to be able to do both those things himself.

Personally, I think it's cool that we have an older Arnie returning to the big screen. Just look at that poster, he still looks awesome. Arnie is about the same age as Clint Eastwood was when he made A Perfect World. It'll be fine.

And anyway, now we have The Expendables franchise, we don't need to shunt our old action stars to a rest home. Stallone went and built one for them.

So, what do you think? Has Arnie still got the chops to carry a kickass action movie? To quote Lethal Weapon, is he too old for this sh**? Are you excited by a new Arnie movie, or is he now an irrelevance? Does that whole housekeeper and secret child thing put you off?

Post below.

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Reinate   #1   12:21 pm Aug 17 2012

Arnie will always be the man.

Always hated that Arnie gave up acting to become the Governator.

bOb   #2   12:37 pm Aug 17 2012

Looks B grade at best... if I had sound here on the work PC it would probably drop to C grade.

nickm   #3   12:43 pm Aug 17 2012

HOORAY! About time, Arnie!! I'll be watching!

Adam   #4   12:46 pm Aug 17 2012

Arnie has always been one of my all time heroes.

Sure he's been in some bad movies, but he's also been in some fantastic ones! For me I don't really care if this movie is going to be any good or not I'll watch it anyway because it's Arnie, and it's always good to support the actors you really like, but I do think he needs to look at retiring from movies sometime soon.

He needs to take up a new hobby or try to rebuild the broken relationship with his wife and kids. She's honestly done a lot for him during the years and he certainly wouldn't be as successful without her, unfortunately she doesn't really get any credit for the help.

As for the love child thing, who cares?! all you need to do is look at the recent article on Stuff about how 1 in 3 people cheat on their partner. While it wasn't exactly the most reliable survey taken it would be close enough give or take a couple of numbers.

Long live The Schwarzenegger!

KanakAttack   #5   12:47 pm Aug 17 2012

I guess when he said he would "be back" but yeah i do think he's got the goods to carry an action flick. Hey if Stallone's old ass can do it, so can Arnie.

salvatore (Child)   #6   12:47 pm Aug 17 2012

"Arnie is about the same age as Clint Eastwood was when he made A Perfect World. It'll be fine." It'll be fine?! What gives you the impression that it'll be fine after comparing it to A Perfect World of all films? What did Eastwood do in that movie apart from sit around in a bus looking old and grumpy? Granted, it's a pretty sweet movie. But how is that relevant considering Arnie isn't a director?

Falo   #7   12:49 pm Aug 17 2012

Buffed up Clint Eastwood FTW!

MikeC   #8   12:50 pm Aug 17 2012

Well he did say he'd be back!! :)

Karlos   #9   12:51 pm Aug 17 2012

Predator is still one of his best ever!

Steve   #10   12:53 pm Aug 17 2012

The fact that Knoxville is involved lowers the want-to-see factor.

It looks super generic. Could be fun though.

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