Trailers? Trailers!

21:39, May 16 2013

As I write these words, my partner the Essex Princess sits next to me watching a reality television show where people are breathalysed by police. Two officers are patrolling Kingscliff and, great excitement, are now chasing a car with the full blue and reds. Bring the noise.

He's pulled over and they are about to breathalyse him. He just told a joke with the punchline: "Tequila". Is he over the limit? Find out later. Such are the thrills of this groundbreaking show. 

I'm trying to blank out this povertainment with the new Daft Punk album streaming into my headphones, a chilled glass of wine and this week's new trailers. Triple treat.

That's right readers, in a segue worthy of Good Morning, I'm going to round up some of the best recent trailers. There have been quite a few good ones this week.

First up is the best of the lot - Gravity. I have been banging on about this film for a while now. It's from the director of Children of Men and the best Harry Potter film and is set entirely in space. I was already excited about this, but now I'm "emotionally erect", to quote a bad Steve Martin movie. The trailer is a metric tonne of holy wow.

Here it is:


Then there is the new movie from Edgar Wright, always a treat, but this one is the conclusion of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy. It's the collaboration of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost that started with the glorious Shaun of the Dead, continued with the less great but still fun Hot Fuzz and will now conclude with The World's End. It's been revealed that this movie will premiere in New Zealand, weeks ahead of many other countries. Hooray. That's more like it. Thanks Edgar, you lovely, lovely genius.

Here's the trailer:

And back to earth with Paul Greengrass and his signature shaky-cam docudrama. Captain Phillips is his first film since The Green Zone in 2010. Again, it's based on real events. Again, it looks very dramatic and gripping. Again, I will be there on opening weekend. It's great to see Greengrass back. He is such a distinctive director and I would love to see what he has done with such a dramatic premise and Tom Hanks as a lead. Looks awesome:

Then, we finish our four-course meal with dessert - the new Richard Curtis movie About Time. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Richard Curtis is an underrated genius. Romcoms are hard to pull off and Curtis has a knack for making great ones: he can claim credit for writing at least half a dozen good ones and directing one, along with an avalanche of brilliant television. I look forward to About Time. It looks like a neat, high concept romcom that might be more disciplined than Love Actually, an aircraft carrier of the romcom world, or The Boat that Rocked, which was also a little indulgent.

Anyway, check it out:

So, there you go. Trailers are fun. Any that you are looking forward to? Any I have missed? Post below.

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