Holding out for a hero

With all due respect to our MP for Selwyn, watching Man of Steel last week has finally convinced me that our beloved South Island capital needs the skills of that other Amy Adams.

Her Lois Lane is not the simpering shrinking violet of old, but rather a Pulitzer Prize-winning scribe who "gets writer's block if she's not wearing a flak jacket", and a throwback to the screwball comedy female journalists like His Girl Friday's Hildy Johnson or Woman of the Year's Tess Harding. Added to the six key factors below, it's just further proof that Adams' cinematic CV makes her the ideal candidate for fronting our earthquake recovery efforts.


She knows how to commune with nature and motivate others (Enchanted, 2007)

As the flesh-and-blood version of Disney fairytale princess Giselle, Adams' winsome charms help win over the most cynical New Yorker. However, her most memorable moment and trait involves corralling the local fauna into helping her clean up divorce lawyer Robert's (Patrick Dempsey) bachelor pad. Would Happy Working Song ("You could do a lot when you got, Such a happy little tune to hum, While you're sponging up the soapy scum), make a wonderful anthem for the rebuild?


She knows how to fight her corner (The Fighter, 2010)

As the plain-talking, former-college-athlete-turned-bartender Charlene Fleming, Adams more than holds her own against both boxer Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) and the more feral members of his large Boston Irish family. Charlene's salty language might even make Paula Bennett blanch but the current social development minister would appreciate her brio. The role earned Adams an Academy Award for best supporting actress.

She's used to dealing with Muppets (The Muppets!, 2011)

I'm sure there's more than a few locals who have - in moments of frustration - compared local and national officials to Beaker, Gonzo, Link Hogthrob and their ilk so Adams' role as the put-upon Mary would seem perfect training for the task ahead. Her unflagging good humour, coupled with a steely determination to get her own way, would also be a perfect combination. Plus she could lead us all in a chorus of Bret McKenzie's Life's a Happy Song ("Life's a piece of pie, with someone to wash and someone to dry").


She has the cooking skills to help feed a student or farmy army (Julie and Julia, 2009)

In essaying blogger Julie Powell, Adams displayed not only a vast array of culinary skills but also a willingness to see a project through to completion (cooking 524 Julia Child recipes in a single year) and an ability to be both innovative and use social media to good effect. Plus, Powell's earlier role answering telephone calls from victims of the September 11 attacks surely has provided her with perfect empathy training.


She's not afraid to blow the whistle on bad practice (Doubt, 2008)

Despite her position as a young and naive teacher, Adams' Sister James isn't afraid to put her reputation and career on the line by reporting what she sees as inappropriate behaviour by one of her superiors. During the course of this adaptation of John Patrick Shanley's Pulitzer Prize-winning play she also shows a willingness to keep an open mind about things, a low tolerance for preconceived bias ("you don't like it that he uses a ballpoint pen. You don't like it that he takes three lumps of sugar in his tea. You don't like it that he likes Frosty the Snowman and you are letting that convince you?").

She's not afraid to get her hands dirty (Sunshine Cleaning, 2008)

Faced with a personal financial crisis, Adams' 30-something single mother Rose Lorkowski trades in fulltime maid work for a higher-paid trade cleaning up crime scenes. Displaying entrepreneurship by setting up the company with her sister, Rose shows an ability to learn from her mistakes and establishing a solid reputation by word of mouth. Plus, by taking directions from New Zealand helmer Christine Jeffs, Adams proves she has some experience working with Kiwis.

But which actor or film character would you call into help with the rebuild of Christchurch and why?

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