Eat, Pray, Love rebuked by ex-wife

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love and Committed.

It's a publishing stand-off of wives at seven paces.

Refining the art of darkness

EASIER: Novelist A D Miller says a second novel is like a second child - "You don't think every nappy change is brain surgery".

Booker nominee AD Miller juggles parenthood, the Northern Line, and the dreaded second novel.

French-Turkish delight

Recipes From My French Kitchen, Allyson Gofton, Penguin, $45.

Turkey and France are the settings for two new cookbooks

The Illuminations shines

DAZZLING: Andrew O'Hagan interweaves the very different lives of a soldier and his grandmother.

REVIEW: A new novel probing the idea of ordinary lives is a magnificent achievement

JK Rowling's blunt response to fan

BRILLIANT RESPONSE: British author JK Rowling who penned the Harry Potter series.

J K Rowling has offered an excellent response to a Harry Potter fan who "can't see" Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore being gay.

Sins of the father

SECOND CUMMING: Alan Cumming has forged a hugely successful career despite a troubled upbringing.

For Scottish actor Alan Cumming, his abusive father did leave him one positive legacy: plenty of disturbing fodder for his cathartic memoir.

15 years of Kiwi music photos video

FROZEN IN TIME: Luke Rowell, photographed on stage in Holland in 2011, by Ian Jorgensen.

A 10-book boxset is a stunning visual history of 15 years of Kiwi music.

A deficiency of plausibility

FAR FETCHED: James McNaughton's scenario of a New Zealand under the Japanese heel simply doesn't convince.

An imagined New Zealand, colonised by the Japanese? It's an intiguing premise but the novel New Hokkaido isn't convincing.

Inside a killer's mind

Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people.

A new book by a Norwegian journalist tries to comprehend the actions of mass-murderer Anders Breivik.

Understanding drug war insanity


MOST OF us know the war against drugs has been a comprehensive failure. Many of the negative effects of drug use are due to its criminalisation. In Portugal, Switzerland, and Uruguay, which have removed some of the legal consequences of drug use, we see countries that haven't collapsed into chaos, but have, in fact, a decreasing social problem.

Little Britain star to speak in Chch


British comedian David Walliams will speak at Christchurch's literary festival in May.

GoT author set to finish book

GETTING READY TO WRITE: George RR Martin is set to finish his next book, Winds of WInter.

The author announced he will skip Comic-Con and instead be focusing on writing the next book, Winds of Winter.

Haruki Murakami joins Writers' Festival


Japanese literary giant Haruki Murakami will make a rare appearance at this year's Auckland Writers' Festival in May.

Robin Bain book pulled

David Bain

An author claims David Bain supporters are using bullying tactics to stop shops selling his book.

Ishiguro book buried treasure

CAUSE FOR DEBATE: Is Kazuo Ishiguro’s new novel fantasy or something else?

Kazuo Ishiguro's new novel has moments of artistry but is frustratingly inconsistent.

'Mockingbird' probe dropped

PRESS ON: 'To Kill A Mockingbird' author Harper Lee is delighted with reactions to her second novel.

Author Harper Lee is adamant that she wants her second novel published, ending abuse allegations.

'Mockingbird' elder abuse claim

HARPER LEE: Author of To Kill a Mockingbird.

'New' Harper Lee novel sparks elder abuse probe

Writer Terry Pratchett dies

TERRY PRATCHETT: The Discworld author was 66.

Fantasy writer Terry Pratchett, creator of the exuberant, satirical Discworld series has died.

Duncan Sarkies' curious world

Award-winning writer, playwright and film-maker Duncan Sarkies.

You'll find writer, playwright and performer Duncan Sarkies somewhere between curious and contemplative.

Rise of the mummy?

MUMMY DEAREST: If you want to stay ahead of the game you need a monster love-interest no one else has thought of.

Vampires are over. Werewolves are done. Is it time for the rise of the mummy?

Dr Seuss' adult book of female nudes


In 1939 Theodor Geisl aka Dr Seuss set out to "draw the sexiest babes he could".

On the road with Ele, Witi and Joy

Eleanor Catton in front of Taipei Book Festival 2015 display of Luminaries.

When New Zealand descended on the Taipei book fair this month, Adam Dudding, was there.

A stolen childhood

Chrsitchurch woman Beverly Wardle-Jackson's life started off badly and went that way for years. She reveals all in a new book.

A horrific tale of abuse of children in care half a century ago emerges in a new book.

The next Eleanor Catton?


New Zealander Anna Smaill's debut novel is garnering international praise.

Artists back Eleanor Catton

DEFENDING HER RIGHT TO SPEAK HER MIND: More than 130 artists have backed author Eleanor Catton.

More than 130 artists have backed author Eleanor Catton’s right to speak her mind.

Thomas turns page on crime

BOOK OF BLOOD: Writer Julie Thomas is back, this time with a murder mystery.

Best-selling Waikato author Julie Thomas takes a big risk with her second novel.

Teen wrote 'Paper Towns' line

This week, author John Green confessed that his most quoted line - attributed to his novel 'Paper Towns' - isn't actually his.

Author John Green has taken to the internet to clear up the origin of a quote mistakenly attributed to him.

'Naggio' twisted tongues

NOT THAT HARD: Ngaio Marsh, pronounced Ny-e-o, in 1977.

She was a queen of crime, her name mentioned in the same breath as Agatha Christie.

There be dragons

He has become used to confounding critics and readers with his unpredictability. Kazuo Ishiguro's latest novel is no different.

He has become used to confounding critics and readers with his unpredictability. Kazuo Ishiguro's latest novel is no different.

Dr Seuss returns with new book

Dr. Seuss.

Dr Seuss long ago passed from the scene but old manuscripts by the beloved children's author keep turning up.

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