Contemporary and classic illustrations

Gallery director Cressida Bishop with an illustration by Phoebe Morris, from First to the Top by David Hill.

Bright and beautiful drawings from popular children's books are on display at a new exhibition.

Robert Glancy: Best books I never wrote

Please Do Not Disturb, Robert Glancy

Robert Glancy shares his favourite books.

Reviews: A Rage For Order, As If I Were a River

As If I Were A River, Amanda Saint

Insight into the Middle East crisis; a debut novel with emotional punch.

Writing in Shanghai

Auckland writer Heidi North-Bailey is heading to Shanghai for two months on a writing exchange programme.

Two months in Shanghai is bound to provide inspiration for one Auckland writer.

Review: Shelf Life, CK Stead

Shelf Life, CK Stead

Now in his 80s, CK Stead has earned his opinions, love them or loathe them

Review: The Fireman, Joe Hill

The Fireman, Joe Hill

Joe Hill's latest effort is a fast-paced apocalyptic horror.

Auckland's best second-hand bookstores

Most second-hand bookstores will give you better customer service than Bernard Black.

We've put together a list of our favourite second-hand bookstores in Auckland.

Review: You Could Do Something Amazing With Your Life

You Could Do Something Amazing With Your Life [You Are Raoul Moat], Andrew Harkinson

You Could Do Something Amazing With Your Life [You Are Raoul Moat] Andrew Hankinson Scribe, $30

Reviews: Porcelain, Keep Me Posted

Keep Me Posted, Lisa Beazley

A hollow music memoir, and a promising novel marred by a whiny protagonist.

Flash-in-the-pan fiction

Get reading! It's National Flash Fiction Day.

The stories up for prizes on National Flash Fiction Day are short - really short - but they contain whole worlds.

With music and laughter

Cory Taylor

Australian writer Cory Taylor is dying. She can't understand why her "ideal death", an assisted suicide, is illegal.

Happy ending so close

Marlborough Cancer Society book fair volunteer Sandra Kirk holds the elusive edition of New Zealand Geographic.

Book fair customer was about to leave her number but thought, 'what's the point?'

Second to Nun

Roger Shepherd founded Flying Nun Records with $300 in 1981.

"Anything could happen" belted The Clean in their hit for Roger Shepherd's Flying Nun Records. And it did.

Reviews: The Salted Air, Hoopla poetry series

Withstanding, Helen Jacobs

An original Kiwi novel plus three collections of poetry.

Joe Hill: Best Books I Never Wrote

The Fireman, Joe Hill

Horror writer Joe Hill (son of genre master Stephen King) shares his favourite books.

Cracking NZ's crime fiction market

Kiwi crime fiction: it punches above its weight.

Our crime writing is world class, so why aren't we reading it?

Review: A Boy of China, Richard Loseby

A Boy of China, Richard Loseby

An Auckland advertising executive follows the faded trail of Mao Tse-tung's lost son.

Review: Barkskins by Annie Proulx

Barkskins by Annie Proulx

The Shipping News author Annie Proulx has written the book for which she will be remembered.

Don't get this tattoo

The footsteps are in normal ink, so you're fine there, probably.

Your body is your own, but this blacklight Harry Potter tattoo is a bad idea.

The good doctor

Ben Goldacre, epidemiologist and campaigning bullshit-buster, is coming to Auckland.

Meet Ben Goldacre, the English medic who's been skewering quacks, cranks and pill-pushers for more than a decade.

Review: Wardrobe Crisis, Long Time Lost

Long Time Lost, Chris Ewan

Fast fashion's evils exposed; a spy romp that feels a bit like the Famous Five.

Review: The Last Painting of Sara de Vos

The Last Painting of Sarah de Vos, Dominic Smith

A Flemish painting is stolen, then forged, and then found.

Central Otago authors finalists in book awards

Millers Flat author Kyle Mewburn.

"There are so many great writers and illustrators in this country it's becoming so much harder just to be published every year, let alone make any awards."

Mandela's private secretary speaks out video

Zelda la Grange adjusts Nelson Mandela's hearing aids during a public appearance at the Mandela Foundation in Houghton, ...

When the balance of power shifted in South Africa, it was a white Afrikaans woman who became Nelson Mandela's closest confidante.

Nine crime writers make the cut

Ben Sanders, longlisted for the Ngaio Marsh Award.

A hot newcomer and established literary light are among those longlisted for crime-writing prize.

Reviews: Zero K, Raymie Nightingale

Zero K, Don De Lillo

Don De Lillo's latest masterpiece; plus an inventive, compulsive read for children.

Best Books I Never Wrote: Jeremy Griffith

Freedom, Jeremy Griffith

Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith shares his favourite books.

The Jerry Lewis of crime friction

In The Five, four childhood friends are reunited two decades after the disappearance of one of their number's siblings, ...

No Bones about it - why one thriller writer won't be making a "crime of the week" series

105 years of poetic memories video

Thelma McLean grew up in Otago. She now resides in a Kapiti retirement lodge.

Her memory is faded, but this centenarian remembers every poem from throughout her long life.

Wellington does it write

Fleur Beale, who has published over 40 books in her award-winning career, is a finalist for the Young Adult Fiction award.

Seven Wellingtonians are among the 2016 children's book awards finalists.

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