Colouring books for adults a 'revolution'

Colouring books for adults are in.

Grab the Crayolas - welcome to the world of adult colouring in.

How to write a tear-jerker

Never change the poster: The Nicholas Sparks formula is highly successful,

Nicholas Sparks sells millions of books and movie tickets by adhering to a strict formula. Want to copy him? Here's how.

Reviews of Peg Plunkett: Memoirs of a Whore, Disclaimer and Ruth, Roger and Me

Peg Plunkett: Memoirs of a Whore by Julie Peakman.

Short book reviews from New Zealand and overseas.

Book reviews: in brief

The Fugitive by John Grisham.

Brief fiction reviews.

No longer just a fantasy

Sam Blood features "a kind of fantasy Auckland" in his first novel.

Sam Blood was still at primary school when he started writing his first novel.

A mystery inside an enigma: Patrick Ness' new YA adult delivers

Young adult star Patrick Ness.

A new Patrick Ness young adult novel is a cause for delight.

How to craft the perfect short story

Sunday Star-Times Short Story Awards' judges Stephanie Johnson, left, and Paula Morris will be working their way through the multitudes of entries in the 2015 awards.

We ask the judges of this year's Sunday Star-Times short story awards what makes a great short story.

A tale of two rectors

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A stoush between historians has reignited controversy over a book on one of the country’s top boys’ schools.

Skewering Auckland's glitterati

New Zealand novelist Charlotte Grimshaw.

Charlotte Grimshaw continues her sparkling form in Starlight Peninsula.

Vincent O'Malley: The Best Books I Never Wrote

Historian Vincent O'Malley.

New Zealand historian Vincent O'Malley reveals his favourite books.

A window into Maori forms of education

Social anthropologist Joan Metge has written a book on Maori methods of learning and teaching.

Social anthropologist Joan Metge has written a book about Maori methods of learning outside the classroom.

Mountain highs throughout the ages

South Canterbury museum collection.

New Zealand's mountaineering past and present told in photographs, from the 1880s to today.

Brief book reviews

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter.

Short fiction and non-fiction reviews.

EL James Q&A goes horribly wrong

It seems Fifty Shades of Grey author  E.L. James didn't think that one through.

Fifty Shade of Grey author's ask me everything on Twitter turns out 50 Shades of awkward.

Like The Wire? Read this

For those who consider The Wire the greatest TV drama ever made, The Whites is a must-read.

For those who consider The Wire the greatest TV drama ever made, The Whites is a must-read.

Scientist by day, artist by night

Illustrator Brian Lovelock has been nominated as a finalist in the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults.

Brian Lovelock has painted his way into the NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults.

Why tattoos have gone mainstream video

Tattooist Stacey Molly of Liquid Silver tattoo parlour and her client Sarah.

The idea of tatts and piercings being repellent is likely a hangover from when hey were associated with criminals.

Harry Potter play to reveal 'untold story'

Danielle Radcliffe (right) as the boy wizard, with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will open next year and mark stage debut for popular boy wizard.

On reaching the end

The author Amitav Ghosh

The great white marble confection that is the Victoria Memorial is lit up in pink and blue. Out beyond its vast, landscaped, statue-strewn gardens, the city of Calcutta conducts its teeming night business – the hectic traffic jams, the food cooking in boiling pots on the pavements, the colour and sound of the multitudes.

The least boring man alive

The late artist Len Lye.

Auckland writer and filmmaker Roger Horrocks has a new book out this week on the work of celebrated New Zealand artist, Len Lye.

Behind every great economist

Author Katrine Marcal.

Unpaid work must be acknowledged if the world is to avoid another Great Financial Crisis, author Katrine Marcal says.

The business of happiness

The cover of The Happiness Industry by William Davies. Published by Verso Books, 2015.

Big business has a plan for your happiness, says author and sociologist William Davies.

Pass the chilli, hold the chia

How meatloaf made Matt Preston incredibly popular and other kitchen stories.

The recipe book that will make you as popular as a MasterChef judge.

Brief book reviews

The King and the Sea by Heinz Janisch.

Short book reviews for adults and children.

Shakespeare's jokes 'terrible'

Some of William Shakespeare's jokes don't stand the test of time.

The reason Shakespeare doesn't make you laugh could be blindingly simple: He's just not that funny.

In short: book reviews

Squishy Squashy Birds by Carl van Wijk and Alicia Munday.

Brief book reviews from New Zealand and overseas.

Andrew Dean: The Best Books I Never Wrote:

New Zealand author Andrew Dean.

New Zealand author Andrew Dean reveals his favourite books.

J.K. Rowling reveals Harry Potter secret

Off to see the wizard... again? JK Rowling hints that Harry's coming back.

J.K. Rowling has unveiled some secrets about the Dursleys that are setting the internet alight.

Up-against-it single mothers

Australian author Rod Jones has penned an engrossing tale about mothers doing it tough.

A compassionate family saga spanning four generations of Australian women.

Amazon pays authors by the page

If a reader abandons the book a quarter of the way in, the author will get only a quarter of the money.

If you're an author whose book fails to grip in the opening chapter, it could prove costly.

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