Spider-Man joins Fantastic Four

22:50, Feb 09 2011
The Future Foundation 1
FUTURE FOUNDATION: The Invisible Woman, The Thing and Mr Fantastic, formerly known as The Fantastic Four are shown with their newest member, Spider-Man.

With the Fantastic Four whittled to three after last month's death of the Human Torch, Marvel's longtime super group is changing names and adding a familiar face.

Spider-Man, New York's web-slinging guardian, is joining the group newly renamed The Future Foundation.

Starting in FF No. 1, he'll join with Mr. Fantastic, The Thing and the Invisible Woman in a bid to protect the Marvel universe from new threats, Marvel said Wednesday.

The first issue is due out March 23.

The Fantastic Four ended with issue No. 588 this month, after the Torch, aka Johnny Storm, died in issue 587. Like the former series, the new FF series is written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Steve Epting.

Spidey has had a long-running relationship with the Fantastics, after attempting to join the team in the very first issue of his own comic, Amazing Spider-Man No.1, published in 1963.