Collins dictionary introduces new words

04:52, Sep 14 2012
GOING WITH THE TIMES: Collins dictionary have added 86 new words.

If you wouldn't know a frenemy from a tiger mother then a read of the Collins dictionary will set you straight.

More than 80 new words have been added to its online edition, including the terms amazeballs, mummy porn and floordrobe - described as a pile of clothes left on the floor of a room.

Publisher Collins began accepting new word suggestions in July from "anyone who wants to be part of the evolution of the English language".

A list of more than 4000 entries was cut down to 86 words which will now be considered for the dictionary's print edition.

The term mummy porn, coined after the novel Fifty Shades of Grey shot to popularity, is described as a genre of erotic fiction designed to appeal to women.

Totes, thanx and lolz made the cut. While cyberbully, Facebook and BBM, an abbreviation for the instant messaging device BlackBerry Messenger, were also included.


Criteria for inclusion includes the number of sources, frequency of use and staying power.

New Zealand Dictionary Centre director Dianne Bardsley said all sorts of liberties were being taken with vocabulary these days.

"That is fair enough as long as the meaning is clear but much of it will not last long."

The lexicographer, who is currently attending a symposium on international slang in the UK, said a number of New Zealand terms were being added to the Dictionary Centre database at Victoria University.

Many of these new terms came from crime and politics, she said.

"A politician in New Zealand can be quite sure that many of his or her words can be taken down and used not just in evidence against him or her, but can be used by all and sundry.

"We all know what a 'winebox' represents, for example."

She said the democratic approach supported by Collins publishers was far from well-researched.

"It's all very well if we want to simply look at what is new and trendy."

But this approach would not necessarily reflect the direction mainstream lexicography was going, she said.

A complete list of all the ways you can now win Scrabble can be found below.

Amazeballs - an expression of enthusiastic approval
Bake in - to include (a feature) as an integral part of a computer's operating system
Banjolele - a four-stringed musical instrument with a neck like a ukulele and a body like a banjo
Bashtag - a hashtag that is used for critical and abusive comments
BBM - a message sent or received using BlackBerry Messenger
Bing - a heap or pile, esp of spoil from a mine
Bioarchaeology - the branch of archaeology that deals with the remains of living things
Blootered - intoxicated; drunk
Bridezilla - a woman whose behaviour in planning the details of her wedding is regarded as intolerable
Bunbury - to create a fictitious scenario that provides an excuse for avoiding unwanted engagements
Throw someone under the bus - to expose someone to an unpleasant fate, esp in order to save oneself
Captcha - a test in which the user of a website is asked to decipher a distorted image, used to protect the website against automated attacks
Chef de mission - the person in charge of a sporting team at a large international event; the head of a diplomatic body
Claustrophilia - abnormal pleasure derived from being in a confined space
Confirmee - a person who has confirmed that he or she will attend a specified event
Crowdfunding - the funding of a project by a large number of supporters who each contribute a small amount
Cyberbully - someone who uses electronic communication to hurt, persecute or intimidate people
Cyberstalking - the practice of using electronic communications to harass someone persistently
Daal - a variant spelling of dal
Data cap - a limit imposed on the amount of data that can be transferred to an electronic device
Denialist - a person who refuses to accept something that is regarded as an established fact
Dosa - a savoury Indian pancake
Dravida - any of the Dravidian languages.
Egghead - an intellectual; highbrow. A person whose profile on a social networking site contains the set graphic provided by the site rather than a personal picture
Exoticize - to regard or present as exotic
Exposome - a collection of environmental factors, such as stress and diet, to which an individual is exposed and which can have an effect on health
Facebook - a popular social networking website
FaceTime - an application for a mobile communications device that enables people to speak to each other while simultaneously observing each other on a video display
Faff - to dither or fuss
Faffy - awkward and time-consuming to do or use
Fanboy - an ardent or obsessive admirer, esp a young man
Fandabidozi - an expression of admiration or enthusiasm popularized by The Krankies
Floordrobe - a pile of clothes left on the floor of a room
Frape - tightly bound
Frenemy - a supposed friend who behaves in a treacherous manner
Fujita scale - a scale for expressing the intensity of a tornado
Gazang - (of the seller of a house) to inconvenience (a potential buyer) by withdrawing from an agreement to sell shortly before the purchase is completed
Geekism - a preoccupation with subjects that are generally considered as unfashionable or boring
Generation Z - members of the generation of people born since the mid-1990s who are seen as confident users of new technology
Hangry - irritable as a result of feeling hungry
Helicopter parent - a parent who is excessively involved in the life of his or her child
Hyperconnectivity - the use of multiple systems and devices to remain constantly connected to social networks and streams of information
IM - the use of multiple systems and devices to remain constantly connected to social networks and streams of information
Impactful - having a powerful effect or making a strong impression
Jog on - go away
Laymanize or laymanise - to simplify (technical information) into a form that can be understood by ordinary people
Leavener - any substance that produces fermentation in dough or batter, such as yeast, and causes it to rise
Liveblog - to report (an event) in one's blog as it happens
Livestream - to broadcast (an event) on the internet as it happens
LOCOG - London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games
Lollage - the practice of using the text messaging abbreviation LOL
Lolz - a variant spelling of lulz (laughs at someone else's or one's own expense)
Lush - luxurious, elaborate, or opulent
Mac - Macintosh personal computer
Be made up - to be very happy about something
Marra - Northern English dialect form of mate
Mummy porn - a genre of erotic fiction designed to appeal to women
New money - money and wealth that has not been inherited
Oojamaflip - a thing whose name is temporarily forgotten
Osteoarchaeology - the branch of archaeology that deals with the study of bones found at archaeological sites
Paan - the leaf of the betel tree
On the same page - working in harmony
Palaeoarchaeology - the branch of archaeology concerned with the earliest fossil remains
PCS - Public and Commercial Services Union
Photobomb - to intrude into the background of a photograph without the subject's knowledge
A full plate - a large and onerous amount of work
Podium - to finish in one of the first three places in a sporting competition
Pooja - a ritual in honour of the gods, performed either at home or in the mandir (temple)
PTC - piece to camera
Quare - very; remarkably
Rowie - a bread roll made with butter and fat
Sambar - a S Asian deer, Cervus unicolor, with three-tined antlers
Shabby chic - a style of interior design that uses worn or distressed furnishings to achieve a romantic effect
Shin Bet - the internal security service of Israel
Sick - good; excellent
Slob - a slovenly, unattractive, and lazy person
SMS - short message service: a system used for sending text messages to and from mobile phones
Spin - the practice of presenting news or information in a way that creates a favourable impression
Spinning - the practice of presenting news or information in a way that creates a favourable impression
Squadoosh - nothing
Super-committee - a committee with members from two or more organizations or political g
Superfood - a food that is considered especially nutritious or otherwise beneficial to health
Superphone - a telephone with a high-speed processor that can perform many of the functions of a computer
Telecon, - short for teleconference
Thanx - thank you
Bang tidy - of exceptionally good quality
Tiger mother - a very strict mother who demands that her children reach a high level of achiev
Totes - totally; completely; entirely
Touch-ready - ready to work on touch-screen computers and devices
Tubing - the activity of riding over water or snow on an inflated tube
Tweetup - a meeting at which poeple who communicate with each other via the social networking site Twitter meet face to face
Twitterer - a person who posts messages on the Twitter website
Twittersphere - same as the Twitterverse
UKBA - UK Border Agency
Verbal diarrhoea - a tendency to speak at excessive length
Vom - to vomit
Webapp - an application program that is accessed on the internet
Webliography - a list of items published on the internet, esp one indicating sources used in the preparation of a book or academic paper
Zhoosh - often foll by up (slang) to make more exciting, lively, or attractive
Zing - a short high-pitched buzzing sound, as of a bullet or vibrating string

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