He 'almost killed me' - Lohan

Lindsay Lohan and her Russian boygriend Egor Tarabasov appear to be having some issues.

Police kicked down the door of Lindsay Lohan's London home after she claimed her fiance had attacked her.

Lovato gets personal at Democratic convention

Singer Demi Lovato performs at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

US singer Demi Lovato was among a star-studded guest list at the Democratic National Convention.

Andre the Giant's legendary drinking feats

Andre the Giant consumed a lot of alcohol over his life time.

Andre the Giant was a colossus in the ring and out of it. His drinking stories were also legendary.  

Timberlake slapped at golf tourney video

To be fair, who wouldn't want to touch that beard? It looks so soft.

His attacker refused to leave and was arrested for disorderly conduct. Timberlake played on regardless.

Bieber look-alike's death explained

Toby Sheldon had $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgeries to look like Justin Bieber.

The man who spent $100,000 on surgery to look like Justin Bieber died of "multiple drug intoxication".

Swift addition to Melbourne mural

The mural in Melbourne of Taylor Swift has had a makeover.

Ever wondered what Kanye would look like with Taylor's blonde hair? Wonder no more.

Bindi's big birthday

Happy Birthday Bindi Irwin.

Sunday marked a milestone for Bindi Irwin, and she has celebrated in style.

Famous flyer: George Calombaris

George Calombaris enjoys finding food inspiration when on his travels.

The MasterChef judge says his biggest travel mistake was packing a bottle of olive oil.

Naz wants to make you pretty

Naz joins Suzanne Paul on the Thin Lizzy team.

Naz won't be fighting in the boxing ring but she might be hitting screens again soon.

How to be Ab Fab 2016-style

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley return as Edina and Patsy in the Absolutely Fabulous movie.

Eddy and Patsy update us on what - and who - is absolutely fabulous these days.

Five cringe-worthy celeb endorsements

All Black Israel Dagg dropped the ball when he tweeted support for the National Party ion the day of the 2014 election.

Sometimes it would be better for politicians if famous, and not so famous, people didn't try to show their support.

Red carpet at The Rehearsal video

Eleanor Catton paused for a photo with actress Ella Edward as Kerry Fox arrives at the premiere of The Rehearsal.

The stars arrived on the red carpet all at once, barely pausing as they poured through the doors in search of a coveted seat.

Stan Walker presses pause

Stan Walker is due to start his New Zealand tour in November.

Chart-topping singer has canned a shoot for his new music video over a legal wrangle.

$170k to play poker with Jonah Hill?

Would you go up against this poker face to help Leonardo DiCaprio's charity cause?

It's the celebrity auction to end them all - a weird collection of high art, and wacky experiences - but who exactly paid for this stuff?

Oliver Stone: Pokemon Go an 'invasion' video

Oliver Stone pointed out the invasive properties of Pokemon Go during a recent press conference.

The critically-acclaimed film director urged users to think carefully about their privacy before racing off to catch 'em all.

Would I lie to you?

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump, a man credited with "a stunning level of superficial knowledge and ...

OPINION: Donald Trump is a stranger to the truth and that's no lie.

Michael Moore: Trump likely to win video

Filmmaker Michael Moore says Trump could win - in fact, he's sure he will.

The maker of Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 says the Don has more than just a shot at the Oval Office.

DJ slugs to win in Christchurch

Mai FM DJ Lily Taurau was victorious in her fight in Christchurch on Thursday night.

Mai FM's Lily Taurau victorious against pre-school teacher Laura Newell, who replaced Bachelor star Naz on 23 hours notice.

Wall goes up around Trump's star

Donald Trump finally got his wall.

Donald Trump got his wall. Just not where he expected it to be.

Kim K is more authentic than you

Kim Kardashian has morphed into a paradigm of truth.

Somehow, a reality star who submitted to an X-ray of her butt has managed to become one of our most authentic celebrities.

Naz's opponent will still fight video

MaiFM's Lily Taurau.

The Bachelor runner-up's boxing withdrawal could've been a knockout blow, but DJ Lily Taurau has come back swinging.

Are Kiwi men 'vulgar'?

Actress Anna Faris has put aside her animosity to Kiwi men to appear in the Air New Zealand safety video.

Anna Faris has had some unkind words for our blokes. But here she is, on an Air NZ vid.

Katy Perry's makeup lawsuit video

Katy Perry is no stranger to controversy.

She pissed off Taylor Swift with her perfume, and now she's angered another beauty brand.

Parenting tips for Mick Jagger

At 72, Mick Jagger's set to be a dad again.

This writer offers the Rolling Stones singer his dad-to-dad advice. Hilarious!

Journalist banned by Twitter

In the Ghosbusters reboot, Leslie Jones Jones stars as a New York subway worker turned spook hunter Patty Tolan.

Ghostbusters' star Leslie Jones accused technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos of backing users sending her abusive messages.

Naz's message from hospital video

The Bachelor runner-up Naz says she is upset her boxing debut was canned, but it wasn't her call.

'I can't explain my country right now' video

Billy Crystal talks about America.

After a warm New Zealand welcome that involved hongi and haka, Billy Crystal gives his take on what's happening in America.

Pretty Woman director dies at 81

Director Garry Marshall attends the UK Premiere of his movie Valentine's Day in London, England, in 2010.

Garry Marshall, creator and producer of iconic television comedies, including Happy Days, and Mork and Mindy died on Tuesday night.

In my beauty bag: Mel Parsons

Parsons write the 2016 NZCMA Best Country Song of the Year.

The Kiwi singer is happy she went through the teen makeup experimentation phase pre-social media.

Guy Williams: what's wrong with the Greens

Guy: the Greens have disappointed me.

It should be a great time to be the Green party. Climate Change! Iraq! Inequality! House Prices! The GCSB! The TPP! Trump! There hasn't been a Lord of the Rings film in two years! The world is ending, just like they said it would.

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