Gossip: Orlando and Selena's revenge hook-up

REVENGE HOOK-UP? Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez
REVENGE HOOK-UP? Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez

Actors Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez are getting cosy, and according to New Idea revenge is a factor in the hook-up.

The magazine reported Bloom, 37, and Gomez, 21, were photographed talking after a taping of chat show Chelsea Lately.

They scrambled away from each other when the photographers approached but didn't fool anybody, given they arrived in the same car and left together.

New Idea described the pairing as "the ultimate act of revenge" by Bloom after singer Justin Bieber - Gomez's ex-partner - tried to romance Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

The link between Bloom and Gomez could also be a blow for Kerr who revealed she still cares for Bloom.

Woman's Day reported Bloom and Gomez were seen looking chummy on a New York sidewalk.

Only in the past two weeks, after Gomez cut all ties with 20-year-old Bieber, had she and Bloom been spending time together.
Fashion designer Nicole Richie is desperately thin and, depending on who you believe, her husband is the cause of her troubles or else he's desperately trying to help her.

Woman's Day said Richie, 32, now weighed just 39kg and relationship problems were at the root of the problem.
Rock star husband Joel Madden, 35, was flirting up a storm on the set of The Voice Australia with singer Kylie Minogue, 45.

They were "giggling like love-struck teenagers, whispering into each other's ears and dirty-dancing in ad breaks", the magazine reported.

Madden had confessed to having a huge crush on Minogue, a source close to him said.

An insider said the pair often hung out in each other's trailers between takes, and regularly arrived and left in the same car.

Richie was furious and banned Madden from staying in the same hotel as Minogue.  Now he hardly bothered to respond to his wife's texts or calls.

New Idea, on the other hand, reported that Madden was desperate to find help for his wife. He had tried talking to Richie about her weight but she became defensive and turned it into a fight, a friend said.

It did say separation due to work commitments had put pressure on the couple, with the stress making Richie lose her appetite.

In London, actors Jennifer Lawrence, 23, and Nicholas Hoult, 24, had reportedly just bought a home together in St John's Wood, London.

Lawrence had also been spotted wearing a prominent turquoise ring on her engagement finger, but a friend had said it was not an engagement ring, just a ring that only fit on that finger, New Idea reported.

Despite that, the couple had seemed to be in a celebratory mood as they laughed and joked over a glass of wine at a local pub.

All well and good but really the gossip mags are dominated by two stories this week - the engagement of actor George Clooney to lawyer Amal Alamuddin, and the ending of the relationship between Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas.

As recently as January, 53-year-old Clooney had vowed he would never tie the knot again but last month he had gone down on one knee in his Los Angeles house to ask Alamuddin to marry him, Woman's Day said.

The couple had bonded over the fact that neither of them wanted children.

A friend of Clooney's said the actor was addicted to his fiancee who made him feel 30 years younger. Clooney had said their sex life was incredible.

According to New Idea, Alamuddin was determined to be US First Lady, while Clooney had a long-held dream of running for office.

"There's no doubt George is stepping up his political dreams," a friend said. "He would never dare mention wanting to become president one day, but Amal is behind him all the way - and with her by his side, it's looking like a possibility."

So, to the end of the two-year relationship between the 29-year-old prince and the 25-year-old socialite. Essentially  Bonas just did not want all the attention of being part of the royal family and she wanted to pursue a dancing career, the gossip mags said.

Woman's Day said a $1300 airfare brought the issue to a head.

The couple had been due to fly  to the US together to go to a wedding, but Bonas did not want to splash the cash if the relationship was doomed and confronted Prince Harry over their future.

There was a "bit of a bust-up" and the pair made the decision to go their separate ways.