Macaulay Culkin's band booed, pelted

Poor Macaulay Culkin. 

The Home Alone star-turned-offbeat-hipster-musician with his band Pizza Underground is not having a good run during his UK tour. 

Just days after storming off stage in Manchester after a heckler interrupted his kazoo solo, the band suffered another bad night in Nottingham.  

Culkin pulled the plug after 15 minutes after the band were reportedly jeered at and pelted with pints of beer.

The band later tweeted ''sorry that a couple of people ruined it for everyone'', but, let's face it, it's a tough gig to push.

The Pizza Underground began as a ''joke'' in 2012, with the five-piece band covering songs by ground-breaking '60s art-rockers the Velvet Underground.

And what might have just scraped in as a funny joke in the pub, should have stayed as such. The band reinterprets songs by swapping lyrics with the word ''pizza'' or pizza-related words such as slice. Thus, All Tomorrow's Parties becomes All Pizza Parties and It's a Perfect Day transforms into It's a Pizza Day.

It really is as bad as it sounds. 

The band played over the weekend at the British mini-festival Dot to Dot, across Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham, with another five sideshow gigs still to go.

In Manchester on Friday, while performing toe-curling tracks such as Take a Bite of the Wild Slice, apparently glasses were thrown at Culkin before he stormed off during a kazoo solo.

And in Nottingham on Sunday, the band abandoned the gig after just a couple of tracks.

The former child star, now 33, has sparked concern in recent years over his well-being, with several tabloid reporting allegations of drug abuse. 

Thank you so much Nottingham and dot to dot. Sorry that a couple people ruined it for everyone.

— pizza underground (@cheesedayz) May 25, 2014

"@d2dnottingham: @cheesedayz in the house!" @MartynaSaysHey him handing you the pizza

— gee (@bl0nd_b0mbshell) May 26, 2014

Oh deer, it's anchovy Warhol. @anchovywarhol #regram

— pizza underground (@cheesedayz) May 26, 2014


I for one enjoyed pizza underground at dot to dot yesterday, they gave the crowd pizza for Christ's sake what more do you people want

— Hannah (@_callmeFrodo) May 26, 2014

Of course Macaulay Culkin keeps being booed off stage with The Pizza Underground - they change Lou Reed's Perfect Day to 'It’s a Pizza Day'

— Lia Nicholls (@LiaNicholls) May 26, 2014

The Pizza Underground is basically the funniest thing in the world.

— Matt Johnson (@matty_tyler_) May 27, 2014

Fans revolt against Macaulay Culkin's band The Pizza Underground at a club in Manchester.

— [ Celeb News ] (@getinsideceleb) May 27, 2014