Gossip: A new Kardashian baby on the way?

01:41, Jun 16 2014
Khloe Kardashain
EXPECTING? The Gossip mags speculate that Khloe Kardashian may already be in the family way.

As Dame Alison Holst hangs up her apron, could there be a bun in the oven for Khloe Kardashian?

After a 48-year career, New Zealand's own celebrity chef has finally decided to step out of the limelight, the Woman's Weekly reported.

Described as "effortlessly elegant" which her hair now a "flattering shade of grey", Holst tells of how she still gets recognised at the supermarket, with people showing her the food in their trolleys and asking what they should make.

"I don't mind," the gracious dame told the Weekly.

"It's nice to be able to help."

She has forgotten how many cookbooks she has published - "to be honest, I stopped counting after 100" - but her latest, Everyday Easy Bread Machine Recipes, was co-written with son Simon.


And it is Simon who will be left to do most of the hard work from now on, devising recipes, writing and publicising cookbooks.

"I will still be helping Simon, but I will be behind the scenes," Holst said.

Simon added: "I don't think she'll ever stop dabbling - she won't be able to help herself. But I'll be doing the grunt work when it comes to the books - the editing and the proofing."

Over at New Idea, Khloe Kardashian paints a forlorn cover girl.

The 29-year-old is reportedly "reeling" after the public confirmation her sister Kourtney is pregnant for a third time.

Khloe has publicly battled with fertility issues, and now she is divorced from Lamar Odom, she is said to be desperate to do whatever it takes to have a child.

According to sources, she has chosen her controversial new beau, rapper French Montana, to be her baby daddy, and has stopped using birth control.

There's even a possibility she could already be expecting - the reality TV star has been spotted devouring calorie-laden snacks, including cookies and Doritos, "prompting some to blame pregnancy cravings", New Idea speculated.

Notorious bad-boy Montana already has a four-year-old son with his estranged wife of seven years, Deen Kharbouch, who has reportedly warned Khloe off the love rat.

Speaking of love rats, Beyonce is said to have ordered Jay Z to undergo a lie-detector test, after reports emerged last week of the rapper having a fling with nightclub hostess Casey Cohen.

According to Woman's Day, a source says Beyonce has hired a top polygraph expert to carry out the test, and if his fidelity cannot be proven she will file for divorce.

"Beyonce has been torturing herself for months over the rumours about cheating and this could be the final straw," the source said.

In addition to the test, Beyonce has also laid down a string of new rules for Jay, including no one-on-one contact with Rihanna or any of his other alleged conquests.

As they work through their issues, Beyonce is reportedly finding support from actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who is undergoing her divorce from Coldplay singer Chris Martin.

The famous pals are off to a health retreat together, mending their broken hearts through hiking, yoga classes, handmade chocolates and wine.