Kim 'plans IVF to give Kanye a boy'

17:00, Jul 07 2014
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HELPING HAND: Kim Kardashian West has reportedly enlisted a team of medical experts to make sure her next child will be a boy.

Kim Kardashian has enlisted a team of medical experts to ensure her next baby is a boy to keep husband Kanye West happy, Woman's Day reports.

A close source had revealed 33-year-old reality personality Kardashian was to have IVF treatment soon.

"Kanye has been going on about having a son ever since he and Kim got together," the source said.

"He adores [1-year-old daughter] North, but there was some disappointment that she wasn't a boy."

Kardashian, who was firmly under the spell of her 37-year-old rapper husband, was happy to oblige even though she was terrified by the thought of being big again, having gained 22 kilograms while pregnant with North.

She was feeling ready to have another baby but had made it clear the next would be her last.


Kardashian and West were inspired to go down the IVF route by their friend, porn baron Joe Francis, whose girlfriend was pregnant with twin girls after having IVF treatment, to guarantee the sex of their babies, the source said.

"Kim loves being a mum, but she didn't enjoy being pregnant so she's just praying this time will be easier."

Kardashian's friends and family were worried about the control West had over her, Woman's Day said.

She had even given up her home in Bel Air after West decided the mansion - which the couple had bought for $11 million and then spent millions renovating - would never be beautiful enough.

Deep down Kardashian was devastated, a friend said.

"She's put so much into that place and for Kanye to be so flippant seems crazy to her. She has no choice though."

Another superstar rapper may not be finding his wife so agreeable.

According to New Idea, 44-year-old Jay-Z and singer Beyonce Knowles, 32, are reportedly living separate lives and only come together in public for the sake of their careers.

Rumours of Jay-Z's infidelity had been picking up steam since the famous incident in May when footage leaked of

Beyonce's younger sister, Solange, attacking the rapper in a New York elevator.

There had even been unconfirmed talk Jay-Z fathered a love child with Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott.

Throughout their current On The Run tour, Beyonce and Jay-Z had gone out of their way to prove their relationship was rock-solid, with sexy dance routines and giant projections of their never-before-seen 2008 wedding, New Idea said.

But backstage Beyonce was reportedly demanding to know where her husband was at all times. A tour insider said Jay-Z had even given his wife access to his text messages and emails, to prove he wanted to make the relationship work.

That did not stop Beyonce tweaking the lyrics of Resentment, a song about infidelity, in Ohio. The original version is about a six-year relationship, but during the performance she changed the lyrics to 12 years - the length of time she and

Jay-Z have been together. She also ended the song with the line: "She ain't even half of me. That bitch will never be."
Another relationship apparently falling on hard times is that between high-profile Hollywood lesbian couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.

The looked like any other smitten spouses during a holiday in Croatia, but in reality the trip was a last-ditch attempt to save their crumbling six-year marriage, Woman's Day said.

Weeks ago things were so bad the formerly anorexic and bulimic de Rossi, 41, checked into rehab after reportedly turning to drink and drugs after the couple waged a vicious war of words.

Previously Australian actress de Rossi credited De Generes, 56, with saving her from her demons and transforming her into a strong and confident woman.

But friends said DeGeneres' phenomenal strength was also the problem.

"Ellen calls the shots and Portia never complains. She felt like a prisoner in her own home," an insider said.

De Rossi was "fed up and lonely" at being the less successful of the pair, a source said.

"When they first met, Portia was the bigger star and now she's sitting around waiting for Ellen to come home."

No such relationship issues for silver fox George Clooney, 53, who is to marry lawyer Amal Alamuddin, 36, in September.

Woman's Day said the couple were expecting a baby, with the information coming from the same source who told the magazine about the pending nuptials days ahead of the official announcement.

Clooney had told pals his fiancee was already three months along and would be heavily pregnant by the time of the wedding.

Superstar actor Tom Cruise is less lucky in love.

"He's just turned 52, he's struggling to hide his age, he can't for the life of him find a girlfriend, his kids are all doing their own thing, and all his old pals like Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn are too busy with their own lives these days," New Idea quoted a source saying.

"After three failed marriages Tom can't find love. He's one of the loneliest guys in town."

Anti-Scientology writer Tony Ortega said Cruise had been spending most of his time hiding away at the church's lavish headquarters in the California desert.

New Idea also noted that the final straw that broke up actor Orlando Bloom, 37, and model Miranda Kerr, 31, may have happened at a party in New Zealand.

Things reportedly came to a head last June on the set of The Hobbit after a boozy party hosted by Bloom's co-star, Ian McKellen.

Quoting Radar Online, the magazine said Bloom was said to have behaved himself until Kerr left. Then, according to a source, Bloom "got wasted".

While representatives of the former couple denied Bloom's heavy drinking played a role in the split, a close friend of Kerr's said the model had little tolerance for heavy drinking.

It was believed Kerr had grown tired of waiting for Bloom to rein in his wild ways as she longed for a second child.