Gossip: A prince, an aisle and a bunch of flowers

03:44, Jul 21 2014
IN THE MAGS: Orlando Bloom is trying to get his ex Miranda Kerr back, Birthday boy Prince George is learning about his granny and Jennifer Aniston is (apparently) finally headed for the aisle.

Prince George turns 1 tomorrow and even at this early age his parents are making sure he learns about his grandmother, Princess Diana.

Parents, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, took George to Diana's grave several weeks ago to mark her birthday on July 1, Woman's Day reported.

"William is determined never to forget his mother and he feels it's his obligation to make sure his children know what an amazing woman she was," it quoted a friend saying.

"He's starting early with George, and he and Kate often talk about her to him."

As George reaches his big milestone, speculation is becoming frenzied that Kate is expecting her second baby. A statement is expected "fairly soon".

Jennifer Aniston's love life looks to be going through a good patch, with Woman's Day confident the 45-year-old actor will be marrying fiance Justin Theroux at a Mexican farm this coming weekend.


Aniston reportedly paid $2.3 million to book out the entire foodie paradise, accessible by a dirt track, for the low-key affair she had dreamed of.

The 50 guests would include Aniston's Friends co-star Courteney Cox and best friend Chelsea Handler, along with Sheryl Crow, Tobey Maguire and Theroux's close friends Ben Stiller, Jason Bateman, Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern.

And Woman's Day is also suggesting there may yet he hope for at least one apparently broken relationship.

A bunch of flowers had persuaded supermodel Miranda Kerr, 31, to give actor Orlando Bloom, 37, a second chance as a husband.

Bloom, who sent the flowers to mark the fourth anniversary of their wedding, was desperate to get Kerr back, and she had agreed to give the relationship another go on a trial basis, a pal said.

The outlook is more clouded for actor Gwyneth Paltrow, 41, and singer Chris Martin, 37, who were spotted enjoying a happy family holiday in the Hamptons.

Paltrow, who was starting to panic at talks of divorce, had been trying to convince her live-in ex that a third child would fix all their problems, but Martin was not impressed.

"He told her he wouldn't succumb to her pressure and that the idea was not only desperate but selfish to the poor baby, being brought into a broken marriage as a band-aid, not out of pure love," a friend said.

Meanwhile, concerns were growing for frail actor Melanie Griffiths, 56, who was wasting away following her split from Antonio Banderas, New Idea reported.

She had lost 7 kilograms and was having a heart-shaped "Antonio" tattoo removed from her right arm.

"Her heart is broken, she's incredibly hurt, but also she's very angry," an old friend said.

"She's not taking care of herself and is smoking like a chimney."

New Idea also heard from another insider who told them actor Brad Pitt, 50, was taking a break from his relationship with Angelina Jolie, 39, after revelations of her youthful drug use.

It all became too much when a drugs video was followed by intimate photos of Jolie and Anton Schneider, her boyfriend during her teenage years.

Pitt had walked out to give the relationship some space, something he had done several times before.

Model Rachel Hunter's long legs were "incredibly toned" and her face was "gorgeous and free from lines", in a photo shoot for New Idea at Waiheke Island just weeks away from her 45th birthday.

The former wife of rocker Rod Stewart was keeping quiet on developments on the romance front, but did say she would not pass up on marriage if she met the right man.

"I'm in a situation now where I'm very open to having someone special in my life," she said.

Another Kiwi woman reaching a milestone age is broadcaster Jenny-May Coffin who turned 40 this year.

The ageing process had not unnerved her, New Zealand Woman's Weekly said.

She had been dying her hair since spotting her first grey hairs as a teenager, but used only natural skincare products.

"As a Maori, I think wrinkles make people more attractive because they tell a journey," she said.

"Botox isn't something I would subscribe to."