Why Kristen Stewart doesn't smile

22:14, Aug 07 2014
Kristen Stewart
LOOKING GLOOMY: This is a photo of Stewart being in a splendid mood at the Oscars.
Kristen Stewart
ALL LAUGH AND GIGGLES: Kristen Stewart at the Kid Choice Awards earlier this year.
Kristen Stewart
PARTY ON: Kristen Stewart celebrates at the premiere of the movie On The Road.
Kristen Stewart
EXCITING: Kristen Stewart at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.
Kristen Stewart
NOT A BAG OF CHIPS: Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart
ROCK 'N' ROLL: On this on Kristen Stewart is having the time of her life. We think.
Kristen Stewart
PARTY ON: Kristen Stewart might be super happy in this photo.

Kristen Stewart knows she'd be slated if she started smiling for the paparazzi.

The Twilight star is one of the most in demand actresses on the planet, and often finds waiting photographers when she steps out the house.

Far from embracing it Stewart has perfected her look, which is generally quite sullen.

Kristen Stewart
COVER GIRL: Kristen Stewart

When quizzed on her pose, the 24-year-old star admits she'll never change the way she looks.

"Now I feel like if I smiled for a paparazzi photo-not that I ever would-that's exactly what people would be desecrating me for. They'd be like, 'Now you're going to give it up, now you're a sellout.' like, okay. What do you want? What would you like?" she sighed to the American edition of Elle magazine.

Stewart graces the cover in a stunning photo shoot which sees her neck adorned with large chains and Chanel padlocks.


With five new film projects currently in production, the Snow White and the Huntsman actress' career shows no sign of slowing down.

While she may always find work, Stewart admits she never actually had a plan in place when it came to her movie success.

"Never at any point have I sat down and plotted how I should proceed from here on. As soon as you start thinking about your career as a trajectory-like, as if you're going to miss out on some wave or momentum-then you're never doing anything for yourself anyway.

"Then you're truly, actually, specifically working for the public. You're turning yourself into a bag of chips," she expressed. It was her role as Bella Swan in the popular vampire franchise that brought her to the attention of the masses, and also gave her the first taste of celebrity culture.

"The day the movie came out there was a picture of me-in the New York Post, I think. I was sitting on my front porch, smoking a pipe with my ex-boyfriend and dog. And I was like, Oh sh*t, well, I have to be aware of that," she recalled. 

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