Gossip: Pain, control and naughtiness

LAST WORDS OF LOVE: Millie Elder-Holmes at Connor Morris' funeral.
LAST WORDS OF LOVE: Millie Elder-Holmes at Connor Morris' funeral.

Millie Elder-Holmes spoke through tears at Connor Morris' funeral as she made her final farewell to her boyfriend, Woman's Day reports.

Morris was laid to rest at Waikumete Crematorium Chapel in Glen Eden on Thursday last week, following his death in a street fight in the Auckland suburb of Massey.

Elder-Holmes sat beside the coffin during the service, reading from her cellphone when it was her turn to speak, Woman's Day reported.

"When I first met Connor, he came into my life at a time when no-one mattered to me, not even myself, and he changed everything. He was not only my strength but my weakness. I could never say no to him.

"He was my best friend, protector and provider. He taught me so much about life. He always encouraged me ... He gave me the best life perspective.

"We went through so much together and grew so much together during the years we shared. I feel like I have lost a part of me. I'll miss every little thing about him, especially the way he made me feel safe and loved."

She spoke of how she would miss his "beautiful baby blues".

"I can't believe he's been taken from me like this," she said.

"He meant everything to me. Rest easy, baby Morry. I love you more than I can say. You took my heart before you were taken from us, but there's no-one I would rather have it. I love you, Mr Morris."

New Idea gave readers a glimpse into the lives of Victoria and David Beckham.

According to friends of the couple, the former Spice Girl was a "control freak" and carefully managed the family's public image, even monitoring their outfits before they were permitted to leave the house.

"She will stop at nothing to protect Brand Beckham," one friend said.

Among the couple's rituals was stripping down in front of a mirror every Sunday and saying what they liked and didn't like about each other.

"They have been doing it for years. It was Posh's idea. David says it makes sure they stay disciplined and don't let themselves go," another friend said.

"A few weeks ago she put him on a diet and ordered him to lose 4.5 kilograms because he had love handles."

The couple also had their own hyperbaric oxygen chamber to keep them "youthful".

They were also paranoid about security, with a panic room, secret doors and escape routes, and cameras everywhere.

New Idea also revealed that for Victoria's 40th birthday, David bought her a butler who used to work at Buckingham Palace.

Meanwhile, the Women's Weekly cover girl was none other than the Queen.

Like a fancy cheese, it seems the Queen is only getting better with age, becoming "more relaxed" and allowing the public to see her humour shine through - as shown when she photobombed the selfie of two Australian hockey players at the Commonwealth Games recently.

But the Queen has always had a naughty side, the Women's Weekly said.

When posing for artist Lucian Freud, she told him about a commotion at a pheasant shoot.

"I was picking up after the guns, as I always do, when a wounded cock pheasant scratched me and drew blood," the Queen reportedly said.

"The detective assumed I'd been shot, threw himself on top of me and began giving me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I consider we got to know each other rather well."

Another of the Queen's little-known hobbies is aircraft spotting.

Apparently her party trick is recognising by ear the types of aircraft that pass over Windsor Castle on the Heathrow flight path.