Just when you thought it was safe...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on social media, the ice bucket challenge has reared its head again.

The hype might have died down in New Zealand a while back but it has only really taken off in the last few weeks around the world.

Everyone from nobodies to celebrities and former presidents are getting in on the act.

Some people might be over the craze, but in the end it's for charity so it's important to recognise the efforts.

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Here's our top 10 list of the movers and shakers (as they would have been after the challenge) who have had a bucket of freezing water and ice poured over their head.

1. Paul Bissonnette

Paul who? Bissonnette is well fairly well known ice hockey player in North America, which qualifies him for the list. But the reason he is here is because his ice challenge is epic. It has to be number one, even if he's not really a household name in New Zealand. He used ice water from a glacier!

Challeneged by: Ice hockey player Keith Yandle

He challenged: Basketballer LeBron James, American footballers Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson.

2. Bill Gates

What would a tech genius do for his ice challenge? well something pretty elaborate. Sure it's a little nerdy, but the production value from the founder of Microsoft is exceptional.

Challenged by: Mark Zuckerberg

He challenged: Businessman Elon Musk Ryan Seacrest and fellow entrepreneur Chris Anderson from TED.
3. Justin Timberlake

Timberlake not only posted an epic video, but he accepted the challenge at the request of two Boston Marathon bombing survivors. All class.

Challenged by: Boston Marathon bombing survivors Patrick Kensky and his dog, rescue.

He challenged: Jimmy Fallon, Steve Higgins and the Roots.

4. Christiano Ronaldo

This one is for the ladies, as Ronaldo dons his favourite speedos for his challenge. Enjoy!

Challenged by: Darren Fletcher (former Manchester United teammate).

He challenged: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Lil Wayne

5. Jimmy Fallon, Steve Higgins and the Roots (plus Rob Riggle)

Fallon took on the challenge with a few of his favourite friends. Points go to the ones who did it in a full suit. Not sure how impressed the sound people would have been destroying a few microphones though.

Challenged by: Justin Timberlake

He challenged (Fallon): The entire New York Jets American football team 

6. The entire New York Jets American football team

There are more than 50 people on an American football team so this was always going to be a logistical nightmare. Thankfully, the good folks at the New York Fire Department were on hand to assist with the challenge. The classic bucket was still used by the team's head coach, Rex Ryan.

Challenged by: Jimmy Fallon

They challenged: Hard to know, as they all scatter when the hose starts pumping cold water.

7. Taylor Swift

Swift went for a group challenge, hoping for safety in numbers but nothing can save you from the cold chill of the ice. Also involved in Swifts' was actress Jamie King and the pair donated US$100 each to the cause for every person in their video.

Challenged by: Lily Aldridge and Ingrid Michaelson

She challenged: Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and Ed Sheeran

8. Shakira and Gerard Pique

In one of the funnier ice bucket challenge clips, Shakira manages to hit her boyfriend in the face with the bowl used to pour water over him. Must have incurred the wrath of god for nominating the Pope before their challenge. Like a true Spanish footballer, he takes the hit in the manner of a little screaming girl.

Challenged by: Model Gisele Bundchen (Shakira) and footballer Wes Brown (Pique)

They challenge: Six people, including footballer Cesc Fabregas and Pope Francis.

9. Mark Zuckerberg

The new wave of technological person, Zuckerberg made his challenge far less nerdy than Gates did. He was also Gates' challenger.

Challenged by: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

He challenged: Bill Gates, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Netflix founder Reed Hastings

10. George W. Bush

Some of said he probably came out smarter afterwards because his brain was so numb he couldn't think. Others said he never thought in the first place. Whatever your thoughts on the former US president, at least he gave it a go. Current president Barack Obama refused to do the challenge and paid extra money to charity. Wimp!

Challenged by: Rory McIlroy (among others)

He challenged: Former US President Bill Clinton.