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Last updated 05:00 07/04/2009
GAME SHOW GIRL: Greer Robson is Wheel of Fortune's new letter-turner.

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She's a well known actress, qualified lawyer, columnist and mother of two. So what the heck is Greer Robson-Kirk doing as Wheel of Fortune's resident bimbo?

OPINION: The former Shortland Street star provides this week's biggest shock by telling Woman's Day she'll be Jason Gunn's sidekick as the all important letter-turner on TV One's weekday game show.

Robson-Kirk - who writes a weekly column about her mothering exploits, and is employed at a high-profile law firm three days a week - will follow in the footsteps of Lana Coc-Kroft and Sonia Gray as a good time game show girl.

It will be her first serious stint on television since her Shorties run ended in 1995, and the 37-year-old says she is looking forward to the "intellectual and social stimulation" she'll get at work.

Can we have a 'u' for 'unreal expectations', please?

"I don't get an opportunity to get glam very often, so this is lovely, particularly as a mother, to get pampered and get my hair and make-up done," Robson, 37, tells WD.

"I am at the point now where I have a real sense of achievement in my career as well as being a mother."

Make sure you warm up your wrists properly, Greer. You don't want to suffer a repetitive strain injury.

WD also profiles Dancing with the Stars survivor Josh Kronfeld, who is struggling to keep up with his pregnant partner Bronwyn Illingworth's bizarre food cravings. Like white bread slathered in vegemite. Yum.

"I'm just constantly stunned at what she eats now," Kronfeld says. "She out-eats me. I'm just blown away."

You can never have too many carbs. Just ask Kirstie Alley.

Meanwhile, Woman's Weekly claims Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are having a trial separation, with an insider saying Jolie cries herself to sleep at night while Pitt prepares to apply for custody of all six of their children.

Talk about a big daddy.

But WW loses respect by promising the "first pics" of Black Cap Daniel Vettori's newborn son James. All we can see is a pile of blankets being cradled by the spin king.

Don't drop that catch, Daniel. Even if it is Blanket Boy, he still won't bounce.

Elsewhere, New Idea publishes the latest diet fads of all five Desperate Housewives. Teri Hatcher swears by yoga, pilates, chocolate and wine, while Marcia Cross scoffs turkey and handfuls of nuts.

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But if you're trying to lose some flab, steer clear of Eva Longoria Parker's advice: "Considering all the lunges, squats and leg presses I've done in the past two months, I think I've gained an inch of muscle in my butt."

Stop taking notes, Jennifer Lopez.

Finally, the quote of the week comes from Jim Carrey's Botox-loving partner Jenny McCarthy, who tells us a little bit more than we need to know about her sex life: "The sex is still awesome, but (Jim) might not know it because my face is frozen."

If you sit next to a heater it might thaw your face out a little, Jen.

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