Biebermania in New Zealand

Justin Bieber has confirmed he's single - and he's looking to meet his dream girl during his brief New Zealand visit.

Talking to C4 music show host Drew Neemia on Select Live this afternoon, the 16-year-old Canadian teen said his favourite thing about being famous was "the girls".

And the singer, who is here on a promotional visit for just one day, outlined his dream girlfriend.

"I'm looking for a girl who's funny, who can make me laugh, someone who's down to earth, with a nice smile (and) somone who can cook, because I can't cook," he said.

Bieber said he was enjoying his time in New Zealand, and thanked his Kiwi fans for "supporting my music".

But he pleaded with them to calm down after his hat was stolen and his mother was knocked over by the crowds gathered at Auckland Airport last night.

"Come on people ... I want to be able to sign and take pics and meet my fans but if you are all pushing security won't let me," he posted on social networking site Twitter. "Let's keep it safe and have fun."

This afternoon, Bieber wore an All Blacks jersey during his performance at an Auckland school.

The singing sensation initially wore a black hoodie during his six song set in front of 500 students at Strathallan High School, but stripped to reveal the familiar jersey, bearing the Silver Fern.

Bieber sang the songs One Time, Never Let You Go, You Smile, That Should Be Me, Baby and Favourite Girl.

Bieber told students, ranging from years 6 to 13, that he had completed two bungy jumps that morning.

"I'll definitely be back," he said.

Earlier, Bieber wanted to play some heavy metal when he arrived for his music lesson at the school.

"What are we gonna play? Some Ozzy Osbourne or Led Zeppelin?" he asked when he sat down with 12 students for a music lesson.

Bieber was disappointed when he instead learned he would be practising Rain by Kiwi rock act Dragon.

"Oh. I've never heard of that," he said. He declined to perform the song after the lesson, questioning the complicated first verse and asking: "Have you got any other songs?"

Around 40 media gathered in the school library to watch Bieber's half-hour lesson with the students, arranged after a student won a competition to have the 16-year-old perform at their school.

Like scenes at Auckland Airport last night, frenzied teens - some with the words "I love Bieber" painted on their faces and T-shirts - followed his every move.

After the lesson, Bieber - dressed in blue sneakers, a black hoodie and grey beanie - played some freestyle drums, proclaiming: "Good job, that was fun."

But he had a request for their next lesson.

"The next song you need to learn is One by Metallica ... You guys keep rocking out."

This morning, Bieber complete two bungy jumps from the Auckland harbour bridge after arriving in New Zealand last night to throngs of hysterical teens.

Nearly 1000 fans - known as Beliebers - screeched and sobbed as they tried to get close to Bieber, 16, who touched down at Auckland International Airport just before midnight for his one-day-only whirlwind trip.

The Canadian singer tweeted his 2.1 million fans this morning and said: "Finally got to New Zealand last night. The airport was crazy. Not happy that someone stole my hat and knocked down my mama. Come on people".

According to a tweet sent by Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette, she was "ok" after being pushed over at Auckland Airport last night.

"Thanks for all ur support!! I'm ok thank you!!!," she wrote. "On my way to bungy jumping!!! Whoopeeeee."

Bieber bungy jumped off the Auckland harbour bridge this morning and posted footage on his Twitter account.

Several paparazzi were seen trying to take photographs of Bieber's jump.

Last night, hordes of young girls flooded the airport's arrival hall holding aloft hand painted signs professing their love for the teen with impeccable hair and big vocals.

"You've been a bad boy ... go to my room", said one placard.

"Justin we want you babies" (sic) was scrawled on a simple cardboard sign.

Nicola Wing, 16, said the arrival of Bieber in New Zealand was "the best thing ever".

"I like him so much and the thing is he's the same age as us. He's so cute."

Her friend, Melanie Smith, 15, said she had snuck out of home to witness Bieber's arrival.

"I've never been this excited in my entire life. To be honest my parent's don't even know I'm here.

"For the first time ever I snuck out of home just to see him, but it's worth it."

Mum Janelle Twyman told she brought her daughter to the airport to see the teen singing sensation.

"She'd just been going, 'please Mum, take me to the airport'.

"She just wanted to be in the same building as him, she just couldn't believe he was going to be here."

Airport police had seven staff on Bieber crowd control and around a dozen airport security monitored the frenzied fans.

One fan had to be removed from the crowd by after she began to feel dizzy in the minutes before singer's arrival.

Just before midnight Bieber appeared, opting to sneak through a side door instead of the main arrival gate.

But it wasn't enough to out-fox his screaming fans.

Bieber, escorted by security, police and minders, quickly left the airport out a back door while the mob of hysterical fans swarmed him. Two girls managed to swipe Bieber's hat, and were today trying to give it back to him - in exchange for a hug.

Speaking on Select Live, Bieber said his hat theft "wasn't cool" and he wanted it back.

Outside, a waiting black four-wheel-drive quickly whisked Bieber away from the frenzied crowd.

In the wake of Bieber, some fans were left sobbing.

Teenager Tory Shaffett travelled from New Plymouth with her friends to catch a glimpse of the "beautiful" Bieber.

After Bieber's departure, Shaffett was having trouble breathing.

"Oh my god, he was so amazing and beautiful. I can't believe I saw him.

"When he came out, I was jumping at him, trying to touch him, but he didn't see me.

"I'm so sad he didn't get to see me, I'm so disappointed."

Airport police officer Sergeant Kevin Davidson said last night's crowd had been well-behaved.

"You're dealing with some pretty young fans here, I think that accounts for the volume and the enthusiasm.

"On the whole, given the number of people here, I think it went well."

Mr Davidson conceded he hadn't heard of Mr Bieber until yesterday.
"I think I might have to have a listen to the young man."

Bieber shot to fame after being discovered on YouTube where his mother had posted videos of him singing at talent shows. He was signed up by rapper Usher's record label Island Def Jams Music Group at the age of 14.

Last week, Bieber wrote to his 2.1 million followers on social networking site Twitter: "… need to shoutout my New Zealand fans...I'm coming to see u guys next week!! I'm trying to play rugby with the All Blacks".

He currently has two singles in the Official New Zealand Music Chart's Top 40 songs this week – including Eenie Meenie and Baby, featuring Ludacris.

Bieber became a worldwide sensation when he released his debut single One Time less than a year ago.

Discovered through YouTube, the tween sensation had his last planned concert - in Sydney’s Circular Quay - called off by police on Monday after several children were hurt in the crowd crush.

There were 4000 people waiting, and many more expected to turn up, and about 10 girls required medical treatment.

A similar situation unfolded in a mall in Long Island, New York, last November. Bieber's free concert was cancelled at the 11th hour when hundreds of fans stampeded after a reported sighting of him.

- with GREER MCDONALD, Reuters, NZPA