What the Kiwi gossip mags say

00:09, Sep 21 2010
ON THE MOVE: Sally Ridge has sold her dream Auckland home and is moving to a more modest house with her four children.

Grab a box of tissues, settle into your arm chair and get ready for a good old sob - master craftswoman Sally Ridge is on the move.

If you find yourself choking back tears while asking the question, 'But who will keep us up-to-date in the fast-paced world of crafts-making,' you're probably not alone. But don't fret - Ridge isn't going far.

Ridge, Adam Parore's former partner and a master crafts maker, tells this week's edition of Woman's Weekly she is downsizing, leaving her "dream home" in Auckland and moving to a more modest pad with her four kids after splitting with the cricketer earlier this year.

"As much as I love this house - and I truly do - it doesn't feel like my family home any more," Ridge tells WW while showing the mag around a house that includes a life-sized model cow and a truly hideous collection of vases.

"I'm never going to get anything like this house again in my life, never in a million, squillion years ... It's sad, but I've lost connection with it. Adam's not here and we're not together any more, and my feelings about the house have changed."

Thankfully, her feelings about crafts remain the same. Junk-making addicts should turn to page 54 to learn how to make a floral vase that will spend two weeks on your bench before someone decides it hurts their eyes and biffs it over the neighbour's fence.


Meanwhile, check out Woman's Day for an interview with Elza and Nellie Jenkins, the two redheaded twins starring in TV3's hit reality show New Zealand's Next Top Model. They're even closer than you might think.

"We hate being apart - if anything ever happened to Nellie I'd probably kill myself," Elza tells the mag. "She is my life. We've planned our lives out - we'll get married, buy a house together so we can be neighbours and have kids together. We're going to grow old together."

Here's an odd fact for all potential suitors: Elza and Nellie share a bedroom with a hen called 'Hennie', and they hold parties for their other pets: A dog called Bailey, a duck named Bruno, five other hens and three cats.

That's not a family - that's a circus.

Elsewhere, New Idea has an exclusive interview with Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster, who are celebrating their recent pregnancy news. If you're looking for the definition of a superwoman, Lancaster is it.

The former supermodel has suffered from a collapsed disc in her back, is on drugs for an underactive thyroid gland, and gave up eating fish because of her high mercury levels while undergoing fertility treatment to get pregnant.

So the good news is she's pregnant with a boy, due in March - a brother for four-year-old Alastair. And she'd like to thank that special someone. No, not Rod. That would be God.

"Alastair always said he wanted a baby. I'd tell him it takes three things - Mummy, Daddy and God," she says.

Usually there's a fourth thing in that equation: Failed contraception.

Finally, the quote of the week comes from newly retired Fair Go presenter Kevin Milne:" I don't know how this happened, but this ordinary joker who got fired from his first job as a reservations clerk with Air New Zealand for sending people to the wrong places fluked his way into this life."

Thanks to Milne's wayward geography, there is a very angry man in Alaska who still wonders why there are no pyramids there.

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