When nudity lands you in the news

ROYAL NUDITY: The Sun printed photos of an naked Prince Harry

ROYAL NUDITY: The Sun printed photos of an naked Prince Harry

The brazen romantic encounter in a Christchurch insurance office on Friday night that was witnessed by bar patrons across the road has stirred up a social media frenzy. 

However it's not the first time nuddy pictures have landed people in the news.

A naked player filmed in Otago's changing shed last year forced New Zealand Rugby to remind provincial teams to keep in mind Sky TV has cameras recording their pre-match routines. 

- The Australian man who became stuck in a washing machine while naked described his rescue experience as similar to being born. The 20-year-old became wedged in his top-loader last year during a game of hide-and-seek with his girlfriend.

- Buttock-baring behaviour was banned at Machu Picchu after a nudie run landed Kiwi tourists in trouble with officials. A YouTube video showing the two tourists streaking across the Incan ruins went viral after being picked up by local news outlets. 

- Prince Harry faced the wrath of the royal family after photos of him cavorting nude in Las Vagas in 2012 were published online.

- The man behind the Kony 2012 viral movement, Jason Russell, was seen having a "naked meltdown" which was filmed and posted online. Russell was detained by police for his wild antics, and for masturbating in public, according to authorities.

- Disgraced All Black Zac Guildford in 2011 was forced to apologise after a naked and bloody romp through a Rarotonga bar. Not that he remembered doing it, of course. 

DRESSED FOR A WEDDING: Christchurch couple Shane and Cherie

DRESSED FOR A WEDDING: Christchurch couple Shane and Cherie

- A Christchurch couple in 2009 were one of five who got married naked as part of a radio station competition.

- In 2009, a 31-year-old was arrested after he turned up naked at a stranger's house. The man assumed he was in for an early Christmas present after getting an alluring text offering him the friendly company of two woman. Unfortunately for him it was a set up, and he was duly arrested. 

- A Timaru man made television news in 2009 for getting stuck in an electric dryer while trying to retrieve his underwear. 

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- Lisa Lewis made a name for herself as a bikini streaker, and breathed new life into her 15 minutes of fame at a rugby match after winning the race to become Alt TV's new naked newsreader. 

- One couple made the most of Melbourne's room with a view on their trip of the Southern Star sightseeing ride. Unaware that Sunday Age photographer Ken Irwin — and no doubt other patrons on the slowly revolving giant wheel — had spied them, the pair gave the bench, and each other, a full workout.

- Miley Cyrus. Wrecking Ball. Enough said. 

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- Who knows when it first started, but at some point Britney Spears became more famous for not wearing underwear than for being a singer. 

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