Stephen Fry all a-Twitter to say goodbye

STUNNING PLACE: Stephen Fry said of his time at Zealandia.
STUNNING PLACE: Stephen Fry said of his time at Zealandia.

Wellington got to know actor Stephen Fry through his Twitter posts and the world heard about the city through the same medium.

So what better way to announce his departure than through a tweet – a message on social networking site Twitter.

"Phew! Got all emotional after shooting my final scene on The Hobbit. Preparing for home over the weekend," he posted on Twitter on Wednesday.

Fry arrived in Wellington in August last year to film his part as Master of Laketown in Sir Peter Jackson's The Hobbit.

In his time in Wellington, Fry has been not only one of the biggest stars to feature in the two-part movie but also one of the most visible.

Last month he visited Zealandia, remarking afterwards on Twitter: "Incredible day yesterday going round Zealandia. Tuatara, weta, tui, bellbird, kaka: what a stunning place. The birdsong!"

When the emperor penguin Happy Feet visited Wellington, Fry visited the bird. He shared a photograph of his encounter on his Twitter page, which is followed by 4.1 million people.

He also made a splash when he criticised New Zealand's slow broadband speeds – via Twitter.

Last month he joined an early morning queue in Manners St to get one of the new iPads, and earlier in his stay was spotted grocery shopping at Chaffers New World, attended New Zealand International Arts Festival shows, and even had a Wellington beer named in his honour.

He attended the World of WearableArt Awards, declared rugby the most exciting game in the world, and took part in Movember.

The Hobbit has brought a heap of celebrities to Wellington.

Orlando Bloom returned to Wellington to reprise his Lord of the Rings role Legolas, bringing his Victoria's Secret model wife Miranda Kerr and child Flynn.

Andy Serkis, the man behind Gollum, who is also taking on directorial duties in The Hobbit, has recently been seen in Wellington.

Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly, who starred in TV series Lost, played a created-for-the-movie elven character, Tauriel. She was spotted with boyfriend Norman Kali walking around the Seatoun coast pushing their three-month-old son in a pram.

Other big names in The Hobbit are Doctor Who actor Sylvester McCoy (Radagast the Brown), Barry Humphries of Dame Edna Everage fame (the Goblin King), Irish actor James Nesbitt of Cold Feet (Bofur), and British star Martin Freeman (Bilbo).

Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, and Ian McKellen all returned to The Hobbit to reprise Lord of the Rings roles.

Billy Connolly, who plays the dwarf warrior Dain Ironfoot, arrived in Wellington this month.


On getting sent a specially designed bottle of Stephen Fry India Pale Ale promoting Wellington in a Pint. "Might be Indian Pale Ale. Might be Isopropyl Alcohol – how can one be sure? By drinking it, I suppose."

On New Zealand International Festival of the Arts show The Winter's Tale: Fantastic Propeller production of The Winter's Tale here as part of the Wellington Festival. Always forget what an amazing play it is."

On attending the World of WearableArt Awards: "Wow, in every sense. Just attended one of the great evenings of my life."

On the cold wintry blast last year: "Wellington is beside itself with delight. Snow falling in the nation's capital for the first time for 35 years they tell me."

On New Zealand broadband: A "digital embarrassment" although it later transpired he had exceeded the data cap on a Telecom broadband plan.

On our national pastime: "Rugby, at its best, is the most exciting game man has ever devised ... there are some moments where everyone's just out of control with excitement, and literally my voice will go hoarse."

On his first days in Wellington: "Just about the most astounding place I've ever, ever visited. Packed with the most astonishingly talented committed ppl."

And on working on The Hobbit: "Marvellous wardrobe and makeup fittings. I am sworn to utmost secrecy and non-tweeting or uploading of pix, I'm afraid so no use begging!"

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