Ariana Grande's hall of shame

Diva antics: Stories of the pop star's rude behaviour are beginning to stack up.

Diva antics: Stories of the pop star's rude behaviour are beginning to stack up.

The news that Ariana Grande is in trouble for her antics in a California donut shop will not surprise people who have followed more than just the singer's music career. 

For those who think it's all an unfair tall-poppy attack on a talented pop princess, TMZ published the video captured by Wolfee Donuts in-store cameras.

Grande later justified her unfortunate "I hate America" comments in the store by saying she was upset about childhood obesity, which doesn't really explain why she was in a donut store to begin with.

Ariana Grande was caught on video having a very odd moment in the donut store.

Grande has been compared to Mariah Carey for her terrific singing voice, but the tiny 22-year-old singer is apparently keen also to rival Carey for her infamously diva-type behaviour.

Here is just a selection of Ariana's many dubious moments.


One of the more contentious claims made about Grande is that she likes to be carried by minders "like a baby" - or perhaps a little fluffy pooch - when tired. Last December Big Sean disputed the claim, but Grande herself posted a photo of herself being carried on Instagram. 


Pint-sized diva Ariana Grande was smacked in the face by a pair of rogue Victoria's Secret model angel wings.

Pint-sized diva Ariana Grande was smacked in the face by a pair of rogue Victoria's Secret model angel wings.

During a Victoria's Secret fashion show, Swedish model Elsa Hosk "accidentally smacked [Grande] in the face". Some called it karma, but Grande to her credit handled the embarrassing incident with good grace, calling the incident "awesome" on Twitter.


A repeated criticism of Grande is that she can be ungrateful to fans, ignoring them or even snapping at them. She once said of fans: "I hope they all f***ing die". A father whose daughter won an art contest to meet Grande at the 2014 MTV Music Awards reported that the pop princess barely acknowledged his daughters then snapped at them to delete candid photos of her.


Fans got their own back during a Twitter Q&A last August, with many taking cheap shots at a probably bewildered Grande. Many questions were unanswerable (or unrepeatable) and several revolved around her youthful appearance, such as "Is it hard work coordinating a tour around nap time and snack time?" and "Do restaurants still give you a pack of crayons when you get seated?"

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While in Sydney, Grande pouted, snapped and stamped her feet over photographer's requests because she only likes being shot from the left. She also admonished your correspondent for asking what sets her apart from other pop stars. Her reply? "You can't just put me on the spot like that!" 


With One Last Time, Grande was accused of copying the apocalyptic music video made by Canberra band Safia. Ironically Safia were admonished by an experimental rock act from Perth called Ninja which claimed it had the idea first.

Big Sean and Ariana Grande. Photo: Reuters


Grande's ex, "Big Sean" Anderson claimed her intimate dancing with Justin Bieber on stage in April was calculated to hurt his feelings after their break-up.

Big Sean claimed Grande was "immature", made him do all the travelling to meet him and even refused to attend his gig in Hollywood because she needed to prepare for the Grammy Awards the next day. 


During that infamous Victoria's Secret fashion show, Grande reportedly made Ed Sheeran blush (which is no mean feat) with a provocative dirty joke. He explained it to Entertainment Tonight: "Basically there were all these big inflatable bouncy black balls bouncing around in the crowd in the finale bit when we go there. And Ariana Grande comes up and stands up next to me, and just looks at me and goes, 'I love big black balls'."



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