Shortland Street stars bare all for #mybodymyterms campaign


#MyBodyMyTerms is a campaign that encourages people to think about opinions, beliefs and perceptions that they may hold about victim-blaming, revenge porn, sexual violence and consent.

Shortland Street stars - past and present - haved continued to bare all to show their support for #mybodymyterms.

The campaign, headed by singer Lizzie Marvelley, is an attempt to change the way people think about victim-blaming, revenge porn, sexual violence and issues around consent.

Teuila Blakely, Sally Martin, Frankie Adams, Reuben Milner, Jacqueline Nairn, Jayden Daniels and Grace Palmer have all posted Instagram pics of themselves modelling the #mybodymyterms.

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Sally Martin

Jayden Daniels

Frankie Adams

Jacqueline Nairn

Reuben Milner

Teuila Blakely

Grace Palmer

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Organiser Marvelly says all the campaign aims to do is open the door for conversation, in the hopes that more talk will lead to greater understanding and eventually, change.

LIzzie Marvelly

LIzzie Marvelly

"It's just things like, when we talk about revenge porn, for example. One of the common questions that always get's asked is, 'well why did you take the photos in the first place?', and that's not the point," says Marvelly.

"'Why did you share the photos without consent?' You know? That's where the real crime is."

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