Justin Bieber: New Zealand girls are sexy video


Fans in Auckland go Bieber crazy in Ponsonby

Dozens of young Justin Bieber fans were left bawling outside his Auckland concert because they weren't allowed in.

Bieber is playing an intimate gig for 150 competition winners at the Tyler Street Garage bar.

Management initially allowed a handful of extra fans inside for free, however that was restricted to over 18s only.

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That announcement prompted an outburst of tears and complaints from 200 teenage girls, and a handful of boys, waiting outside.

About 10 adults were allowed in before the security eventually changed their mind and stopped any extra fans coming in.

Justin Bieber in front of the crowd during Thursday night's intimate performance. Photo: The Edge

Most of the committed fans remained outside the venue and listened in to their favourite pop star from the street.

Inside, Bieber told his adoring audience he thought New Zealand girls were "sexy".

Edge FM said Bieberfive acoustic songs - Yellow Raincoat, All that Matters, One Less Lonely Girl, Baby, Boyfriend, and What Do You Mean?. He also did a Q and A with the crowd.

The singer was whisked in through the back at the start of the concert and was due to leave via the backdoor after the show without his fans getting a glimpse of him.

Earlier one plucky Justin Bieber fan came close to scoring a lift with her idol before he politely asked her to step back from the car.

Bieber sings to the crowd. Many teens were left in tears on the street after learning they wouldn't be invited in to see the show. Photo: The Edge

Ruby, 14, was among the throng of 300 fans that staked out the Auckland MediaWorks studio on Thursday afternoon.

As Bieber walked out the front and the crowd swarmed Ruby took her shot at getting into the vehicle.

"We all just ran up to his car and then I went up to his car and he's like can you please get off my car?

BEVAN READ/stuff.co.nz

Justin Bieber caused a stir among hundreds of waiting fans as he turned up to an interview with the Edge.

"I was like 'oh my god, he's so good, he's so gorgeous'."

Bieber attracted about 300 girls and four boys to the radio station as he was being interviewed inside.

There was an earlier call for quiet, with many Beliebers urging one another not to "overwhelm Justin and start screaming" as people started appearing on the gangway above. 

Then there he was, in a longline white shirt and baseball cap, carrying a take-out cup of miso soup. The 21-year-old paused for a brief wave.

14-year-old Ella Mitchell was reduced to tears after catching a glimpse of the star.

14-year-old Ella Mitchell was reduced to tears after catching a glimpse of the star.

And, just as the screaming began to build, he was gone. 

Only moments earlier, Justin Bieber's entourage were seen heading for Fountain Court in two large vans with tinted windows.

Super mum Mel Fisher had driven daughter Jade and her super fan friend Ella, 14, from Mount Maunganui late last night, especially to see the star.


Justin Bieber has arrived in NZ for an intimate show.

"It's a dedicated trip. It's just so exciting for them, I can just feel the excitement. First we went to Victoria Park skate park, that's where he was hanging out last time, and then we thought we'd head here. Apparently, he'll be in the city again tonight," Fisher said.

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Fourteen-year-old Mt Maunganui local Ella Mitchell was in floods of tears after catching a glimpse of her favourite star. "I didn't actually think I'd cry, it's so overwhemling, I can't believe it. It's so incredible to see him in real life doing normal, regular things, like eating noodles. Not on TV or YouTube for a change, it was amazing."

It's been a good day for Bieber spotting as sightings were reported at Britomart's Coffee Supreme, where he was flanked by security guards, about lunchtime and then again later on Ponsonby Rd.

Bieber filmed a segment with TV3's Jono and Ben show and went to The  Edge's studios to pre-record an interview with hosts Dom Harvey and Jay-Jay Feeney prior to the private gig.Court in Auckland's Ponsonby, hoping to catch a brief yet memorable glance of the star.

Earlier in the day, Beliebers had camped outside the Sky City Grand Hotel, as the 21-year-old's super fans settled in for an afternoon on Bieber watch.

It's understood the pop star is staying at the luxury hotel after dining last night at the complex's The Grill by Sean Connolly restaurant.

Fifteen-year-old "Belieber" Bella Langlois was on a mission to "re-meet" her favourite pop star.

During his last private showcase, Bieber pulled Langlois up on stage, serenading the very lucky "lonely girl". In a bid to meet the star once again, Langlois has started a campaign via her Twitter account in the hopes her efforts will spark Bieber's attention.

"If I got another chance, I probably wouldn't cry as much," laughs Langlois. "I can't even really remember it, it happened so quickly. It was amazing, I was so lucky".

Lexi Phillips, 17, says she's been a fan "since the YouTube days".

"I've loved him before he was this big thing. He's had some bad media attention, but he's changed," says Phillips. "I don't know how to say it, it's all in my head. For the past two or three years he's gone through a lot, I'm really happy to see how he's fixing things."

A hopeful Justin Bieber fan poster in central Auckland.

Self-proclaimed super-fan Phillips was front and centre at Auckland Airport last night during Bieber's undercover arrival as he flew in about 9pm after a brief stint in Sydney.

"I made sure I wasn't on my phone," she said. "Justin got upset with the Australian fans who were annoying him for selfies, so I remembered not to do that."

Orewa teenager Tasman Vance, would do her best to "stay calm" if she found herself face to face with the pop sensation. "He's such a nice person, he's changed, he's so polite," Vance said. "He's had a lot of disrespect in a lot of different countries and I think he's probably quite fed up with everybody disrespecting him."

This will be the pop star's third visit to Auckland, having last visited in 2013. During his last stint here, Bieber spent most of his time skateboarding in Victoria Park and even managed to squeeze in a bungy jump off Auckland's Harbour Bridge. 

Justin Bieber with Jono and Ben.

Bieber ate in the 20-seat private dining room at The Grill by Sean Connolly, which requires a minimum spend of $1500 and was designed by architect Andrew Lister as a "hideaway from the hustle and bustle of busy Federal Street".

The 21-year-old has made headlines recently after Kiwi-born model Bailey Scarlett claimed she was drugged while hanging out with Bieber in Melbourne, and another Kiwi model Sarah Harris said Bieber groped her at a party he threw.

However, there was no suggestion Bieber himself was involved in Scarlett's incident, and the pop star has since apologised to Harris, who said they now "actually get along OK".

So Bieber can fly in unencumbered - unlike his hip hop counterpart Chris Brown - he arrived via hired jet with an entourage of about 10.

This visit comes after quick stops in Melbourne and Sydney, and as well as the show this evening, Bieber will host an exclusive barbecue, or rather Bieber-Q, for a small crowd of lucky and determined ZM competition winners, on Friday afternoon.

In a video posted to Snapchat, he pleaded with fans to respect his boundaries.

"I want to enjoy the moment just as you're enjoying the moment but I can't enjoy it if I feel like there isn't any respect given to me at that moment," he said.

Mel Fisher and her 14-year-old daughter Jade drove to Auckland from Mt Maunganui especially to see Justin Bieber.

"If I'm walking somewhere or arriving somewhere and you guys are asking to take a photo, if I don't respond, if I continue just walking, the likelihood is probably that I don't want to take a photo at that moment. Now, if you start screaming louder, that's not going to make me want to take a photo more."

Please just respect me and just treat me the way that you'd want to be treated."

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