Westboro to picket Sage's funeral

02:39, Jul 19 2012
Sylvestor and Sage Stallone
FATHER AND SON: Actor Sylvester Stallone portrays Rocky Balboa in a scene with his real life son, Sage Stallone, who portrays Rocky Balboa Jr, in the 1990 film Rocky V in this undated publicity photograph released to Reuters after Sage's death.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church are set to picket at the funeral of Sylvester Stallone's son, Sage, who was found dead last week.

Westboro patriach Fred Phelps' daughter Margie tweeted hours after Stallone was found dead: "Thrice-married rebel taught his son to mock God. ‪#picketfuneral‬ MT@digitalspy: Sylvester Stallone's son Sage Stallone found dead, aged 36."

The group - an independent church based in Kansas, is known for its extreme anti-homosexuality beliefs and protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers.

The group (whose website can be found at the sickening address: godhatesfags.com) has been portrait in film-maker Louis Theroux's documentary The Most Hated Family in America.

She continued "Adulterous dad brought wrath of God on son. ‪#BloodOnDadsHands‬‪#picketfuneral‬ ‪#woe‬ MT @GlobalGrind: Sylvester Stallone son, Sage, dead at 36."

She continued, addressing Sylvester Stallone: "Chance to redeem yourself with God. Tell @TheSlyStallone to mourn for his sins, not pimp out son's dead body to

The 36-year-old Stallone was found dead in his Los Angeles home on Friday.

It was confirmed today that about 50 bottles of medication were found near his body, leading to speculation he overdosed.

It's now been claimed there were vessels which could hold 500 pills each at the property. According to New York Post over 50 such bottles were discovered and the majority of them were empty.

Many of them held hydrocodone, which is a form of painkiller Vicodin.

"These were the kind of bottles a pharmacy gets," an insider told the publication.

"They don't know how he had so many bottles of it. They were various strengths of hydrocodone. The strange thing is that, for the most part, the bottles were empty."

Many of the bottles didn't have their labels on, and the majority were found in the property's bedroom.

"This isn't the kind of amount of pills you would find in anyone's home. The coroner does not do criminal investigations, and passes on their findings to the authorities. But you could assume this would result in an investigation into how he obtained it," the insider added.

It's also been alleged that white powder was found in Sage's home. It is known that the Robbery Homicide Division of the Los Angeles Police Department is looking into the case, although foul play is not suspected.

Sage's mother Sasha Czak believes her son passed away after having dental work completed. She has claimed he had five teeth out in one sitting, something she was terrified would lead to his passing.

"I told him not to do that. I've heard about people dying having multiple procedures done to your mouth. Do not have more than one tooth [pulled]," she said.

An autopsy has been carried out on Sage's body, with toxicology tests due back in four to six weeks.

Stallone has been married three times. From 1974 to 1985 he was married to Sage's mother Sasha Czack.  In 1985 he married model and actress Brigitte Nielsen. The marriage lasted for two years. Since 1997 is married to Jennifer Flavin, with whom he has three daughters.