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SISTERLY SUPPORT: Royal wild child Harry bonds with his sister-law.
SISTERLY SUPPORT: Royal wild child Harry bonds with his sister-law.

Are you up to date with what's happening in the world of entertainment? Here are the most-read stories of last week.

1. Prince Harry bonds with Duchess
Prince Harry gets a lot of presumably unwanted attention since photos of his naked Las Vegas shenanigans were published on celebrity news page TMZ last week. Good to know that his brother's wife is taking the younger royal under her wing.


2. Robyn Malcolm guilty of drink driving
Outrageous mistake Ms Malcolm. Robyn Malcolm has lost her licence for six months after pleading guilty to drink driving. Earlier this year the actress made a statement to the Sunday Star Times, describing herself as a "bloody idiot".


3. Twitter tirade hospitalises Charlotte Dawson
Expat New Zealand celebrity Charlotte Dawson was hospitalised last week after a vicious Twitter attack from hundreds of trolls last night.


4. Trolling Charlotte Dawson
"Never feed the trolls". That's what they tell you online if you try to shine a light on, or respond to, your online bullies. It was what many people told Charlotte Dawson this week as she highlighted the abuse she'd been subjected to by fellow Twitter users, evidently as punishment for the grave crime of calling New Zealand small.

5. Jaime Ridge's car vandalised
She's all over the gossip pages at the moment. Just weeks before the reality show The Ridges in which Jaime features with her mother Sally launches, her car was vandalised. On her birthday. Poor lass.

6. Feeney's Facebook fight
Auckland radio DJ Jay Jay Feeney became embroiled in a row with Facebook over a decision to upload photos of herself in a body paint suit.

7. Ridges: Meet us, then judge us
Ahead of New Zealand's latest foray into reality TV, the show's stars Jaime and Sally Ridge asking the public to hold back their judgement before they actually get to know them. Or, well, watch their show. Because they're both "so proud" of who they are.

8. Actor sticks to script over romance rumours
Did she or did she not?  Despite damning photographic evidence, Australia's acting sweetheart Lisa McCune has distanced herself from claims she is romantically involved with Kiwi opera singer Teddy Tahu Rhodes. Instead their on-stage chemistry was attributed to the script, not a personal connection.

9. Where are they now? 90s legends
Were the 90s the best or the worst of decades when it comes to pop music? Take a trip down memory lane.

10. Four-year-old performs with a cigarette
American reality show Toddlers & Tiaras has caused yet another controversy after featuring a four-year-old girl 'smoking' a fake cigarette while dressed as Sandy from Grease. What do you think of these stage mums?