David Bowie mural appears in Auckland video

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The side of the Rock Shop on Karangahape Road has been adorned by a mural of David Bowie, and the Auckland public like it.

A colourful tribute to the late David Bowie has popped up on a popular Auckland walkway, to the delight of passers-by.

The portrait of Bowie as Ziggy Stardust is spray painted on the side of the Auckland Rock Shop (Drum Shop), on Karangahape Road and took artist Paul Walsh about seven hours to complete. 

Walsh has previously done portraits on the wall, and does his work for free.

A mural of David Bowie has appeared on the wall of the Rock Shop on K Road.
Bevan Read

A mural of David Bowie has appeared on the wall of the Rock Shop on K Road.

"That image in particular is from the Ziggy Stardust album, and I chose it because that lightning bolt make-up is one of the most striking images in pop music," Walsh said. 

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Adam Evans, the general manager of the Rock Shop, said he thinks the portrait is the best Walsh has done.

"He's a brilliant artist, we really wanted something that fits with the business,

"We called him up and said 'hey, it's time', and he came over and did it up," Evans said.

Andy Young, who also works at the Rock Shop, said it was a way tipping the hat to the legend.

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"He's the modern day pillar of contemporary rock, so it's a nice way of commemorating him."

This is the fifth mural Walsh has painted the wall in the last three years, with the late B.B. King, Kiwi DJ and music producer Soane, John Lennon and Dave McCartney from Hello Sailor having their images immortalised on the shop's side. 

Walsh said: "My family are all huge fans [of Bowie], so I've grown up with the 'Thin White Duke' my whole life,

"His passing is sad of course, but it gives you time to step back and look at the scope of his works and really recognise what an awesome artist he was," Walsh said.

Bowie died at 69 after a secret battle with cancer, and his death was mourned across the globe.

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