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VISITING HOUSEWIFE: Eva Longoria is coming to New Zealand to promote a shopping channel.
VISITING HOUSEWIFE: Eva Longoria is coming to New Zealand to promote a shopping channel.

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is set to visit New Zealand - and doesn't know what to expect.

"This may sound really horrible, but is it a lot like Australia?" she asked Woman's Day.

Longoria is coming to New Zealand for the first time to help launch a shopping network.

As a self-described TV-shopping addict, she said: "It's the perfect match and I'm very excited to be travelling over there."

Longoria enjoys curling up on the couch in her pyjamas, with a TV remote in one hand and her phone in the other, according to Woman's Day.

"I buy a lot of things from the shopping network," she said.

"I'm always up at night and I'm the one buying all those appliances. It's all over my kitchen."

Love and sports also made the magazine, with Woman's Day interviewing Olympic medallists Mahe Drysdale and Juliette Haigh.

The couple have been together for over five years after meeting in 2001 through Auckland's West End Rowing Club.

Drysdale said that their relationship was "very close," but also "competitive".

"We're always in the same competitions trying to do the same thing. So to see Juls win an Olympic bronze medal certainly made me more determined. I had to make sure I at least got a medal as well."

"My coach always tells Mahe he has to do the dishes if we beat him at anything,'' Haigh said.

Sitting in the grandstand at Eton Dorney, Haigh said she couldn't watch Drysdale fight for first place.

She buried her head in her hands and cried as soon as the competition began, Woman's Day reported.

"I've never had that kind of reaction before. I was completely overwhelmed and I never imagined I would have cried," she said.

"I know how much Mahe's been through and I wanted it so badly for him that I couldn't actually watch it happen."

When the race ended, Haigh looked up and discovered Drysdale had won gold.

In Women's Weekly, Ali Williams and Casey Green reveal they are expecting.

"I was stoked,'' Williams said. "I don't know if you're every perfectly ready, but we can handle it now. It's another challenge in your life.''

Twelve-week pregnant Green, who is convinced she is having a boy, said the first trimester was "really difficult".

"If I wasn't sleeping, I was sick. I was pretty much bedridden. But my friends keep telling me they were good signs.  

''And at 10 weeks the vomiting eased up so I'm a happy girl now. I've got energy and I'm not being sick every five minutes," she said.

Jennifer Aniston may not be pregnant yet, but according to New Idea, she is getting ready for kids - and divorce.

Aniston reportedly insisted she have sole custody of her and Justin Theroux's future children if they divorce.

"Jen knows that Justine will be a great father, but she wants to have control over the future of the child is case anything does go wrong with the marriage," a friend told New Idea.

The agreement would reportedly give Theroux generous visitation rights.

He was initially reluctant, but eventually accept the prenup, which is also said to give him $1 million for each year of marriage.