David Hasselhoff planning new life

17:00, Sep 26 2012
The Hoff turns 60
Never too old for a dance: The Hoff performs with LMFAO at last year's American Music Awards in Los Angeles.
The Hoff turns 60
Cleans up nicely: David Hasselhoff and his girlfriend Hayley Roberts pose for photographers.
The Hoff turns 60
Let's Dance: David Hasselhoff with dancing partner Kym Johnsonat the premiere of Dancing with the Stars Season 11
The Hoff turns 60
Beach-time:The Hoff along with Baywatch co-stars Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson.
The Hoff turns 60
Not scary at all: David Hasselhoff with his likeness of Hasselhoff at the unveiling of a Baywatch exhibit in 1995
The Hoff turns 60
Legendary: David Hasselhoff in the driver seat of the Knight Industries 2000 (KITT).
David Hasselhoff
In hot demand: David Hasselhoff in the Cumberland Farms add.

David Hasselhoff wants to move to an English village and rename it Hoffway.

The 60-year-old TV star recently visited the picturesque Costwolds area and is considering relocating to the UK with his Welsh girlfriend Hayley Roberts.

Hasselhoff is hoping his new neighbours will approve of his name change proposal.

"We recently went to the Cotswolds for her birthday and fell in love with the place.

"We looked at a couple of houses there and have found a place in a little village called Broadway, which we've put an offer in for," he told British newspaper The Mirror.

"The Cotswolds won't know what has hit them. I'm hoping the locals take to us though and I'm already naming it Hoffway..."

Hasselhoff has been dating Hayley since last year. He has made no secret of his desire to wed the blonde beauty and has publicly proposed several times.

Although Roberts is yet to accept his marriage offer, she admits she could change her mind soon.

"If and when he asks again, I'll say yes," she revealed.

 "I don't think he'll do the traditional thing and get my dad's blessing first but that doesn't bother me. Hardly anyone does that any more. We've been together for over 18 months now so I think I'm ready.

"But even if I do say yes, I don't want to get married for another three or four years. There's no rush."


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