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Last updated 14:19 08/10/2012
Eva longoria
EVA'S NOT A DIVA: The Desperate Housewives star charms the NZ media.

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It's Eva Longoria-galore when you flick through the pages of this week's gossip magazines.

The American actress visited New Zealand last week and Woman's Day took it upon itself to take the petite star under its wings.
Spread over two pages are 17 photos of Longoria, every time in the same position but with different New Zealand personalities standing next to her.

There's an array of Shortland Street stars, MasterChef winner Chelsea Winter, Colin Mathura-Jeffree and the hosts from the Shopping Channel.
While the actress looks like she doesn't really know what she should be doing when pictured with four dancers dressed as Maori warriors, she said her first impression of New Zealand was how embracing it was of its cultural diversity.
Woman's Weekly reports that Longoria was hiding a secret when she visited last week, saying the actress is pregnant to her new beau Mark Sanchez.
Speaking of pregnancies, Woman's Day reports that Kourtney Kardashian has offered to be a surrogate for her younger sister Khloe.
Khloe and husband Lamar Odom have tried unsuccessfully for three years to have a baby and are said to be seriously considering Kourtney's offer.
Meanwhile, Big Wednesday presenter Sonia Gray told Woman's Day how she had hoped having children would help her get over her depression, which she has battled for years.
But it didn't help and she had to learn instead to deal with her depression on top of having twins.
"I learnt that I'm not very nice to myself. My inner voice can be pretty mean, especially just after I had kids," she told the magazine.
"I was a bit down and thought I couldn't cope. I still wake up with those old feelings of dread. As much as I don't like them, there's a process I go through. I accept it and I know that it's not going to last."
This week's Woman's Weekly is full of royal news, starting with speculation that the Queen is easing back in her role, in order to let her son and her grandson have a chance to rule.
Royal writer Christopher Anderson says the Queen might step aside to let Charles take the helm, only if he agrees to abdicate within a certain time so William can be King before he is 50.
Charles is already over 60 but has yet to take on the role he was born into, and if the Queen lives as long as her mother did (age 101) then he won't be King until he is nearly 80.

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From royals to food, My Kitchen Rules Kiwi contestants Simon Yandall and Meg Dangen told New Idea that the difference in cuisine between New Zealand and Australia was the reason they didn't win. 
"A lot of the stuff we cooked was very close to some top [food from] Kiwi chefs, and they said they didn't like it. We think we [Australians and New Zealanders] are very close, but we're really not. When it comes to cuisine, we're a million miles away," Yandall was quoted as saying.
The couple said being together all day and night and in a competitive environment took its toll on their relationship, but they were now back home and planning a wedding.
However, they weren't the only ones who came out on top in the love-department, and revealed to New Idea that fellow contestants Carly and Rocco formed a close bond while on the set of the show.
"We noticed there were sparks flying with those two and we were like 'OK, what's going on here?' After filming behind-the-scenes interviews, there was definitely something going on," Dangen said.

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