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FATHER AND DAUGHTER: Joe and Jessica Simpson
FATHER AND DAUGHTER: Joe and Jessica Simpson

News that Jessica Simpson's father cheated on his wife of 34 years with a male model and prostitute has sent shock waves throughout Hollywood, and delighted gossip magazines worldwide.

The scandal was featured in New Zealand's newest gossip magazines which hit the shelves today.

The pop singer has reportedly postponed her wedding in light of news that her father and former Baptist minister Joe had led a secret life, spending thousands on trips to New York and at expensive hotels and restaurants, all without his wife's knowledge.

Tina Simpson first started to suspect her husband was up to something when she stumbled across photos of him posing with a male model in their home, New Idea reported. After making some enquiries she discovered the model was Bryce Chandler Hill and flew to New York to confront her husband.

But it turns out Hill wasn't the only person Joe was interested in. Gay escort Joey Anderson has since boasted of a steamy sex session with Joe, and even passed a three hour lie detector test, New Idea reported.

"When he opened the door my jaw nearly dropped," Anderson was reported as saying. "He was Joe Simpson, the father of Jessica and Ashlee. I was certain because...he's always in the media."

Talking about someone who is "always in the media", Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore appear once again in the women's magazines this week. Rumours are doing the rounds that Kutcher and his girlfriend, actress Mila Kunis, are expecting a baby, while Moore, who turns 50 this week, has been rejected by Leonardo Dicaprio, who she reportedly had a one night stand with in 1997, Woman's Day reported.

Kate Moss reveals how she felt pressured to do her first topless photo shoot at age 17 with Mark Wahlburg, according to New Idea. She was so anxious following the shoot that she spent two weeks in bed.

"I thought I was going to die. I went to the doctor, he said 'I'll give you some Valium,' and [photographer] Francesca Sorrenti, thank God, said 'you're not taking that'. It was just anxiety. Nobody takes care of you mentally."

In New Zealand news, BMX Olympic champion Sarah Walker and her rower beau Ian Seymour tell Woman's Day how their romance blossomed in early 2010. The couple say that while their relationship is strong and they've designed and built their dream home, children are not on the cards anytime soon.

Ivoni Fuimaono also opens up to Woman's Day. The Auckland mother is continuing her plea to meet with the police officer who fatally shot her son Halatau Naitoko, 17, on Auckland's western motorway nearly four years ago.

Naitoko was killed when a police officer pursuing an armed man mistakenly shot and killed him.

Fuimaono, who is suing the police for $1million, says she has made many attempts to meet the man, only known as Officer 84, and has written two letters to him, but heard nothing.

"I saw him inside the court during Halatau's coroner's inquest and I tried looking him in the eyes so he could feel my pain. But he refused to look at me," she said.

"We need healing. I feel it would help if we sat down together and I shared with him what kind of son Halatau was. He was a very good boy. He was my best friend."