What the gossip mags say

SOON TO BE MARRIED: Jennifer Aniston, 43, and Justin Theroux, 41.
SOON TO BE MARRIED: Jennifer Aniston, 43, and Justin Theroux, 41.

The gossip mags are scrambling to try to find out the details of Jen's upcoming nuptials.

An "insider" told New Idea Jennifer Aniston, 43, and Justin Theroux, 41, wanted to tie the knot at their $26 million Bel Air house sometime around Christmas.

It would be a small affair, with no more than 25 guests from each side. Many old friends had been banned, with the exception of Courteney Cox, New Idea reported.

New Zealand Woman's Weekly concurred with the total of 50 guests, but quoted "sources close to the pair" saying Aniston was weighing up between a winter theme at a ski chalet or a warm wedding in New Mexico.

And a "source" told Woman's Day Aniston's close friends would all be there for the big day, including Cox, Chelsea Handler, Ben Stiller and Paul Rudd.

Woman's Day reported that several locations were being considered for the wedding. A major factor was the health of Aniston's mother Nancy Dow, 76, with whom Aniston had reunited recently after years of estrangement.

Renovations were still under way at the Bel Air house, with sources telling Woman's Weekly that Aniston wanted her new home to be ready to move into early next year.

But Woman's Day said the issue of where the couple would live was "the only fly in the ointment". Theroux was said to be pining for New York, with an "insider" saying he hated LA.

A "friend" said Theroux felt smothered by the LA lifestyle. Because Aniston was so paranoid about privacy, the couple spent almost every evening eating in and watching reality shows.

Twilight saga stars Kristen Stewart, 22, and Robert Pattinson, 26, may not have announced any plans to marry, but Woman's Day reported the conflicted couple were set to have a baby.

Reunited after Stewart's affair, the couple loved playing parents together on screen.

A source said Pattinson had been reluctant to talk children until Stewart "proved herself to him fully", and she appeared to have won him over.

As soon as publicity for the last Twilight instalment wrapped up, the couple would make a start setting up a nursery.

A source also said Stewart was pushing hard for Pattinson to put a ring on her finger.

It all sounds lovely, but the magazine had another, small, story which reported Stewart had a dinner lasting several hours with Ben Affleck, who was considering casting her in a movie role which would require them to share a sex scene.

That could be disastrous for Affleck's seven year marriage to Jennifer Garner, sources said.

Woman's Day also spends some time talking to Oscar-nominated actor Keisha Castle-Hughes, 22, who is getting married to Jonothon Morrison, 24.

Seeing the chemistry between the couple, it was hard to imagine they first met little more than three months ago, the magazine reported.

Morrison said that as soon as he met Castle-Hughes he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. "I had to put a ring on it."

Also starring on the big day will be Castle-Hughes' five-year-old daughter Felicity, who will be a flower girl.

Castle-Hughes said she and Felicity's dad, Bradley Hull remained really good friends, and he attended the couple's engagement party.

All three magazines include pictures of a kiss between Joanna Lumley, 66, and Leonardo DiCaprio, 38, for the film The Wolf of Wall Street.