What the gossip mags say

02:20, Dec 24 2012
Jaime Ridge

Jaime Ridge does not think she can call herself a celebrity.

"I haven't earned that title," she told Woman's Day.

"I haven't done anything special. I can't act, I can't sing and I'm not known for any talents like that."

The 19-year-old daughter of Sally Ridge and ex-husband Matthew Ridge said she was lucky to have well-known parents.

Jaime and Sally were the subjects of reality television show The Ridges during the year, and Jaime said 2012 had been "crazily good" to her.

"I'd define myself as a university student," she said.

"Hopefully, people can now see I'm not just a doll - a dumb try-hard who superficially floats around doing nothing with my life, like they may have thought."

Turning to Hollywood, its no surprise Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston feature in the gossip magazines this week.

Under the headline: "Still her Top Gun!", Woman's Day said passions between Cruise, 50, and ex-wife Katie Holmes, 34, had been reignited, even if for just one night.

When the two got together to talk about holiday custody arrangements for daughter Suri, Holmes was not prepared for the surge of emotions she felt.

"Katie continues to think Tom is incredibly sexy, so one thing led to another, which led to something that a lot of ex-spouses do when they're alone together," an insider explained.

Meanwhile, friends described Cruise as heartbroken since the divorce, saying he missed Suri desperately, and planned to win back Holmes, whom he bombarded with gifts.

Holmes seemed to be ruling out a full time reunion, while her mother had screamed at her: "What were you thinking?"

New Zealand Woman's Weekly had nothing to say about the suspected reunion, instead their Cruise story went under the headline: "Tom Cats Around".

It reported Cruise had been seen at Stockholm's trendy Rose nightclub, where he invited a group of beauties into the darkened VIP section for champagne tasting.

Cruise had kept the girls entertained until the early hours, giving most attention to 22-year-old Jennifer Akerman, the younger sister of his Rock of Ages co-star Malin Akerman.

The Weekly also reported Hollywood executives were nervous about Cruise's latest movie in which he plays author Lee Child's action hero Jack Reacher.

There are concerns about 1.7-metre Cruise, playing the 1.96-metre Reacher, but Childs has no such qualms.

"Professionally, (Cruise) has no ego. He doesn't want people to see Tom Cruise on the screen. He wants them to see Jack Reacher - and they do," Childs said.

Rumours about the possibility Aniston is pregnant are reaching fever pitch, partly because the star keeps obscuring her stomach.

"The 43-year-old has been seen hiding a possible bump behind bags and her hand on several recent outings," the Weekly said.

Woman's Day said she had been looking rounder in her tummy and fuller in the face, and "trying to hide her stomach with strategically placed sweatshirts and handbags".

The magazine also has a story about former Blues player Kurtis Haiu resuming sports training and hoping to take up professional rugby again.

The 28-year-old told Woman's Day chemotherapy to counter a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma had been successful.

From being as big as a clenched fist, the tumour was now the size of a tiny pea. While doctors have not yet given him the all-clear, Haiu felt he had beaten the cancer.

"I feel like there's nothing holding me back," he said.

New Zealand Woman's Weekly also has a piece on the big US break of Antony Starr, who played twins Jethro and Van West in Outrageous Fortune.

His new role is hard man Lucas Hood in television drama Banshee.

"He's a pretty messed-up individual who's been locked up for 15 years and is really out to get what's his and what's been taken away from him - the love of his life," Starr said.

Co-star, Bosnian actress Ivana Milicevic, described Starr as "dreamy".

"And he's so intense, he really is. Besides his awesome acting, it is such good casting because he always looks heartbroken - just the shape of his face and his features."