Top 10 entertainment stories

16:00, Dec 25 2012

Bridget Jones casts her eyes over the top 10 entertainment stories of 2012.

1. Kimbra  
There are no two ways about it - Kimbra completely owned 2012.  
After all, it's not every day a 22-year-old from Hamilton gets nominated for a Grammy Award. Kimbra shot to the top of the pops around the world after lending her talents to Aussie singer Goyte's hit Somebody That I Used to Know. 
But before all of that, her debut album Vows made the top 20 on the United States charts, she headlined shows in the US and Europe, and took home five Tuis from the New Zealand Music Awards, as well as Best Female Artist at the Aria (Australian Recording Industry Association) Awards across the Tasman.

2. Reece Mastin 

The pierced and tattooed 18-year-old brought Auckland to a standstill during his first promotional tour in February.
The X Factor Australia winner was stalked from location to location and  chased down the street by screaming girls, causing traffic jams throughout the city. But nothing compared to the madness of a CD-signing session at an Auckland mall, which had to be cancelled because of his over-enthusiastic fans. 
Security was forced to pull the pin after thousands of teenagers continued to surge forward, ignoring safety warnings.

3. One Direction/Justin Bieber
Five boys, a couple of nights, and thousands of crazed fans. They managed to avoid the hordes of girls at the airport, but within hours of landing, One Direction hysteria hit the country in April. 
The UK boy band - comprising Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson - had weeping girls camped out outside their hotels in Auckland and Wellington for nights on end, watching every move they made. But the pop stars managed to get in a game of football and jump of the Sky Tower, while Styles even squeezed in a date with an old flame during the group's whirlwind trip.
The screaming started all over again in July when Justin Bieber visited Auckland. The baby-faced Canadian performed a private showcase at The Cloud, filmed an ad for Starship Children's Hospital, and even brought along his starlet girlfriend, Selena Gomez. New Zealand's ears are only just recovering.

4. Lady Gaga  
It's not easy being Lady Gaga - even her backup dancers are working against her sometimes. The outrageous performer was left with concussion after being smacked on the head by a pole carried by one of her crew during a performance at Vector Arena in June.
The incident was caught on camera and showed Gaga stagger, before leaving the stage. Like a true star, she came back, telling the audience: ''I want to apologise. I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion. But don't you worry, I will finish this show.''

5. The Ridges

One minute, Sally was just a craft-loving ex-WAG and Jaime was Matthew Ridge's little girl. 
The next, mother-daughter are the most controversial thing on New Zealand telly. 
Love it or hate it, The Ridges was the TV event of the year.  The nation held its breath, as the brave duo fought off hair-plugged drains, killer mice and of course, Jaime's journey to boxing glory. 
The six-episode series highlighted the best (and the worst) of life as an Auckland ''It'' family, with almost 300,000 viewers tuning in for the finale in October.

6. The Hobbit
It's been almost 10 years since the red carpet was last laid out in Wellington, but Sir Peter Jackson and The Hobbit crew gave it a good workout a few weeks ago.
The latest Middle Earth tale was unveiled amid new movie technology, accusations of on-set animal cruelty and specially-chartered Hobbit planes. Reviews were mixed, but at least a couple of new Dwarf heart-throbs were discovered, with Kiwi Dean O'Gorman - who plays Fili - topping's ranked list.

7. New Zealand's Got Talent
From more than 5000 came just one.  Singing Blenheim schoolgirl Clara Van Wel left jugglers, magicians, singing grandmas and well-trained dog acts in her wake, taking out New Zealand's biggest TV talent show. Now she has a record deal, a chart-topping single, new car and $100,000 - not bad for a 15-year-old. 
An average of 1.4million viewers tuned in each week to watch as host Tamati Coffey and celebrity judges Rachel Hunter, Jason Kerrison and Ali Campbell critiqued, cried over and cheered for the talented - and not so talented - Kiwis, and next year it's happening again.

8 . Ryan Gosling
Twitter has been where a lot of the action has taken place this year, including reports of Hollywood heart-throb Ryan Gosling roaming the streets of Auckland in March. 
It started in Ponsonby, before clothing designers World tweeted he'd been into one of their stores. Some people thought he'd been enjoying breakfast at the Hilton Hotel, others that he was eating ice-cream on the beach, and soon the hashtag #NZGoslingHunt spread around the country. 
In the end, there was no proof the dreamboat was in the country at all, with overseas celebrity hunters spotting him at a music festival in the United States.

9. The Block 
Reality TV show The Block was months of home renovation and ratings gold, but for one couple there was very little pay off at the end. Fan-favourites Rachel and Tyson were the only contestants who didn't make a profit from their home at auction.
Luckily TV personality Brooke Howard-Smith stepped in and set up a fundraising account for the Wellington pair, which raised more than $14,000.  Their fate was a stark contrast to series winners, brother and sister team Ben and Libby Crawford, who have gone on to launch a creative agency together.

10. The GC
The GC was another reality TV show that was meant to give us a look into the lives of ''talented young Maori as they work hard and play even harder on the Gold Coast''. 
The NZ On Air-funded show was called  car-crash TV and a waste of time, but the legacy lives on. The neffs and aunties are now minor celebrities - Rosanna fought Jaime Ridge in the Fight For Life, while Tama was treated like a god at the NZ Music Awards - ironically,he presented an award with Ridge. 
Maybe a guest spot in season two for Ridge Jr?