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Last updated 13:38 14/01/2013
Kate Middleton
TOO SKINNY? The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly problems with putting on weight.

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Fears are mounting for the Duchess of Cambridge's unborn baby as the princess has been so unwell she's hardly put any weight on, according to the latest gossip magazines.

The Duchess was admitted to hospital last month for acute morning sickness and has spent her first trimester unwell, and struggling to put weight on, woman's magazines which hit the shelves today said.

"She is eating far less than normal for a pregnant woman. She just cannot consume the amount of food that is necessary at this stage, and keep it down," a royal insider reportedly told Woman's Weekly.

Being underweight while pregnant can increase the risk of pre-eclampsia, premature labour and a low birth weight for the baby, the magazine reported.

The Duchess' friend told Woman's Day that the princess was worried about getting fat, and was struggling with the 12,500 kilojoules her doctors suggested she consumed each day.

"Kate is absolutely terrified about getting fat, but she knows she has to listen when it comes to the right things to eat during her pregnancy," the friend said.

"Her doctors have promised her they will come up with a good plan to help her lose weight sensibly when the baby is born."

In other royal news, sisters and princesses Caroline and Stephanie of Monacco are in the midst of a royal rift, one which has ensued for years but recently heated up.

Caroline, seven years older than Stephanie, is the polar opposite to her sister, who has veered off the royal track to work as a model, singer and live with a circus in the past. Caroline, however, takes her role as princess very seriously and is said to be ashamed of her sister and her past, Woman's Weekly reported.

It wasn't a royal wedding, but Home and Away star Rebecca Breeds looked like a princess when she wed her co-star Luke Mitchell. While the couple's onscreen romance in their roles as Ruby and Romeo turned nasty, their real-life romance led to a wedding. The two wed earlier this month at a New South Wales bush retreat with family and friends watching on, New Idea reported.

Another person to walk down the aisle recently was Zoe Balbi, who wed league star Benji Marshall. The bride said her beau displayed a vulnerable side people don't usually see.

"I just flipped," Marshall said of their nuptials. "Knowing that this moment would mean me and Zoe being together for the rest of our lives just hit me, and I cried my first tears of happiness. It was like 'wow, this is really happening'."

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While their marriage may be blooming, New Zealand is being blamed for putting a rift between Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, Woman's Day reported.

Bloom wants to bring their family to New Zealand, to spend some time raising their son Flynn as a Kiwi kid, but Miranda doesn't want to leave the United States.

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