The Bachelor NZ's Jordan Mauger sold for $550 at charity auction video

Jordan Mauger isn't crying himself to sleep over his very public break-up - he's enjoying himself on the dance floor.

Would you pay $550 for a date with The Bachelor Jordan Mauger?

The former Bachelor was bought at a charity auction in Christchurch on July 2, where Mauger was a guest of the High School Old Boys' Rugby Football Club.

According to the Christchurch Star, the lucky lady who delivered the night's highest bid had accompanied the event's DJ for the evening, to help set up.

Jordan Mauger during his flashier, Bachelor days.

Jordan Mauger during his flashier, Bachelor days.

Mauger reportedly "took the woman's details" before he had to leave the event early, however promised the mystery winner a ride in his DeLorean car - as seen on season two of the reality show.

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"I've still remained friends with a lot of the girls, we went through a lot together, its quite a unique experience to share with someone," Mauger told Woman's Day magazine back in June.

"I've been talking to Naz (Khanjani) and a few of the other girls and sort of talking about what we've been through and what we're getting up to now. There was definitely a friendship there but I wouldn't say we're 'with' one another.'"

In a bizarre twist of events, former runner-up Khanjani's "other Jordan" Jordan Reid, was also present at the event.

Khanjani has denied that she and Reid "dated" prior to her stint on the show, however it appears there's no bad blood between Reid and Mauger at least.

The two Jordans posed for a photo and enjoyed a beer together after the festivities.

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Reid sold at auction for around $250.

Over $2000 was raised for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation during the annual auction evening.

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