Goss mags: The next Mrs Cruise?

03:48, Mar 25 2013
Olga Kurylenko
OLGA KURYLENKO: 'I could watch [Tom Cruise] all day long. I learnt so much from him.'

The gossip mags are excited about the prospect that Tom Cruise may have found his next wife.

"Tom Finds Wife No 4", New Idea said, while Woman's Day went with: "Meet the New Mrs Cruise."

Both are talking about Ukrainian beauty Olga Kurylenko, 33, Cruise's screen love in his new film Oblivion.

Watchers who saw the couple working together on the film said the two had a natural chemistry that was hard to hide,  New Idea reported.

"Tom's a sucker for a foreign accent - it was what attracted him to Penelope [Cruz] and Olga's is even sexier," a film industry source told the magazine.

Kurylenko had said pictures of her kissing Cruise, 50, were just a misconstrued acting moment. But she also told V magazine: "I could watch him all day long. I learnt so much from him."

Woman's Day quoted a friend of Cruise's, saying the star had already started talking about his Scientology beliefs to Kurylenko, who appeared in Bond movie Quantum of Solace.

"She's not afraid of Scientology because she's not afraid of new things," Cruise's friend said.

Kurylenko has been dating her Magic City co-star Danny Huston, 50, but no one seems to think that would be any obstacle to her and Cruise getting together.

And one of her friends pointed out: "Olga's been married twice and has some emotional baggage of her own."

Marriage seems more surely to be getting closer for Hollywood super couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It's just unfortunate that their brood of six children is out of control, New Idea reported.

It blames the children's "liberal, lenient upbringing". Insiders said the children had become uncontrollable after bring raised in an environment lacking firm discipline or rules.

The eldest, 11-year-old Maddox was hitting puberty and refusing to follow any rules.

"Of course the younger ones totally idolise him, especially nine-year-old Pax, so they copy anything he does," a source close to the family said.

Mostly it's pretty harmless except for Maddox's obsession with fire. Apparently Jolie, 37, and Pitt, 49, have had to hide the matches and lighters.

Despite their children going wild, the couple were determined their wedding would go ahead. They had paid a $2.7 million deposit for a Caribbean resort which cost more than $900,000 a night, and reportedly got a wedding licence last month. That gave them 90 days to get married.

In an article that mentions food often, Woman's Day talks to New Zealand model Nicky Robinson - who was once married to businessman Eric Watson - and her current partner Pete Evans, a judge on My Kitchen Rules.

"We share similar philosophies and a passion for adventure.  We harmoniously live, play and work together and, most importantly, we're dedicated to raising a happy, healthy family," 39-year-old Evans said.

They share a small Sydney beachside home with Evans' two daughters, Chilli, 8, and Indii, 6. Robinson, 36, often joined Evans in the kitchen for his restaurant commitments in Australia and overseas.

"Nic's a natural in the kitchen. She's creative and organised and I couldn't wish for a better assistant," Evans said.

New Zealand Woman's Weekly has an interview with another well known New Zealand model Rachel Hunter.

When the magazine caught up with Hunter she was "perched precariously on seven-inch heels, wearing a skin-tight dress in a howling gale, standing in a car park".

Hunter, 43, was in Queenstown to shoot a pilot for a new television programme that she could not say anything about.

Modelling was "like riding a bike," Hunter said.

"It's not brain surgery. I just put my hand on my hip."

Her children with former husband Rod Stewart have left home. Renee, 21, is travelling, and Liam, 19, is chasing a career as an ice hockey professional in the United States.

"I'd really like to get married again. And if I do, I want to get married in New Zealand," Hunter said.

She will not be having any more children. "That time is done, it's over."