Radio presenter Jay-Jay Harvey cancels her book tour outright

Jay-Jay Harvey says she needs more time before facing the world.

Jay-Jay Harvey says she needs more time before facing the world.

The Edge presenter Jay-Jay Harvey has cancelled the rest of her book tour after walking out during a broadcast last month.

In a post on her Facebook page, Harvey explained that she was "not yet ready to face the world" and would be cancelling her entire book tour.

Harvey has previously said depression and stress resulted in her absence from the show, and the cancellation of two weeks of tour dates. 

In Monday's post, she said there was a "light at the end of the tunnel" but would cancel the remainder of the tour.

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Jay-Jay Harvey is not leaving The Edge

"What I've learnt from this experience so far, is that sometimes you just have to STOP everything, and take care of yourself first for a change," she wrote.

"I'm so sorry to those of you who were excited to come, and those who bought tickets for the special events. I am really gutted."

She thanked friends, family, workmates and fans for their support. 

Harvey posted a longer message to fans on November 4, explaining that she didn't want to "get all heavy and dramatic".

"I haven't been great in a long time, but the stress and pressure I felt was building up, and building up, and building up – until I burst. I'm really gutted that I haven't been able to complete my book tour so far. It breaks my heart," she wrote.

"But, please don't feel sorry for me. I'm still here! I'm just overwhelmed at the moment and need some space to clear the clutter and redecorate my life. I want to be back into it asap, but I don't want to rush it this time. 

"It's too common that many people suffer Depression, Anxiety, Stress, or Chronic Fatigue but hide it because they feel they will be judged. I feel this. I am embarrassed that you know it is happening to me right now because I can't hide."

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