What the gossip mags say

23:36, May 12 2013
Kim Kardashian
SINGLE-MUM-TO-BE? The gossip mags say Kim Kardashian speculate her relationship with Kanye West is on the rocks.

Kim Kardashian, looking heavily pregnant in skimpy bikinis or an enveloping floral dress, dominates the gossip mags this week.

According to New Idea, 32-year-old Kardashian is facing the prospect of being a single mum.

Her relationship with the baby's father, rapper Kanye West, appeared to be falling further apart, the magazine said.

The issue seemed to be West's tendency to be a control freak.

Known for his feverish work ethic, West had been recording in Paris for most of the year, even though he could work almost anywhere.

The brief periods the pair had spent together this year mostly required Kardashian to fly long distances, despite the discomfort of travelling while heavily pregnant.

West did not have a mobile phone and so was also almost impossible to contact, a source said.

The final straw may be West's insistence that he decides what Kardashian wears.

The issue reportedly arose in the leadup to the ultra-glamorous Met Ball in New York. West reportedly selected a dress for Kardashian by his friend, Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci.

But Kardashian, self-conscious about her weight gain during pregnancy, had the gown significantly altered. That left West fuming that Kardashian was messing with a piece of art.

Woman's Day is more optimistic, reporting the pair were now spending more time together, after West, 35, had been absent for most of the pregnancy.

Woman's Day said they had ironed out their issues in a series of in-depth discussions after a romantic reunion in Paris late last month.

"Kanye showers her with love and reassurance, constantly telling her how beautiful she is," an insider said.

In her third trimester, the 1.57-metre Kardashian had overcome the self-consciousness caused by her weight gain during pregnancy, stunning onlookers during a trip to Europe by wearing a series of barely-there black, purple and white bikinis.

Woman's Day is far more downbeat about the chances of Jennifer Aniston, 44, ever getting married to fiance Justin Theroux.

An insider had said they were calling off their nuptials after a public blow-up at the exclusive private club Soho House in Hollywood.

A witness noted Aniston and Theroux barely spoke a word to each other, but when her ex-partner Gerard Butler approached the table, Aniston's eyes lit up.

"She gave him a huge hug and invited him to sit at the table," the onlooker said.

Theroux was excluded from the conversation, initially pulling out his iPad and then wandering off to the other side of the room.

When Aniston and Theroux finally reunited, he was furious, calling her selfish and saying he had felt like a third wheel. Aniston broke down in tears.

After months of fighting about everything from their careers and families to their wedding, the couple had finally reached breaking point.

According to New Idea, Theroux is refusing to set a date for their already-postponed wedding.

But wedding bells may not be far off for another celebrity couple, 29-year-old Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, 35.

Previously media-shy, the pair had suddenly become more open, leading to speculation they were planning to get married this year, New Idea said.

Most recently they were seen having a romantic getaway, visiting wineries in southern Spain. With Kunis working on a movie in London, they had recently also been seen sneaking away for sweet escapes elsewhere in Europe.

New Zealand Woman's Weekly talked to former television newsreader Suzy Clarkson about having a baby after three gruelling years of fertility treatments.

First son Ben had been conceived naturally when Clarkson was 39, but she had to go through four cycles of IVF, and had two miscarriages, trying for a second child.

Two months ago her second son Toby was born. Clarkson, now 45, described him as a "little miracle".

He had been conceived during what she and husband Tim had realised was most likely their last shot at having another baby.

The Weekly ends with a picture of father-of-eight Rod Stewart, 68, looking like a cheery, wizened gnome next to long-legged wife, Penny Lancaster, 42. Stewart's youngest, Aiden, was born two years ago, and now the veteran rocker has produced a new album.

One of the songs is about a temporary split he had from Lancaster.