What the gossip mags say

STYLISH:  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at the Trooping the Colour parade.
STYLISH: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at the Trooping the Colour parade.

After the suitably dramatic arrival of Kim Kardashian's baby, the gossip mags are in a state of feverish excitement about the impending birth of royal offspring.

They also have plenty to say about the meltdown of Nigella Lawson's marriage after husband, advertising mogul Charles Saatchi, gripped her throat in a London restaurant.

Celebrity chef Lawson, who has taken her two teenage children and moved out of the family home, has become a shadow of her former self, the New Zealand Woman's Weekly reports.

"Gone are the glossy black locks and immaculate makeup. Instead, the 53-year-old looks gaunt and haunted, her eyes are glassy, and she appears to have lost several kilos.

"She was spotted last week wandering into a restaurant, where she stayed for less than a minute before leaving again almost immediately."

The story in Woman's Day headlined: "Marriage meltdown - Terrified Nigella Breaks Free!" reports insiders saying Lawson told Saatchi, 70, that she needs space to decide their future.

"Nigella is making it clear she doesn't want to be near him at the moment. She's been battling his tempers secretly for so long and now it's finally out in the open, she's starting to feel strong enough to stand up for herself. It's all terribly sad," a friend said.

New Idea's version: "Inside Nigella's Marriage Nightmare - and why she can't escape" quotes a friend telling US magazine Star that Lawson is determined to stand by Saatchi.

Woman's Day illustrates its article on the birth of 32-year-old Kardashian's baby daughter with pictures of the heavily pregnant reality television star wearing a skimpy bikini.

"Kim's Bizarre Birth! Tears, Tantrums & Diva Demands," is the front-page headline.

While the baby's father, rapper Kanye West, 36, is playing the smitten dad for now, insiders fear he won't stick around long, Woman's Day reports.

West had tried to eject cameramen filming the event after Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, insisted on the presence of a film crew.

"Kanye was absolutely livid and there was quite a heated argument over it. Kris, in the end, stepped in and told him it wasn't his decision and that he could leave if he didn't like it," a close source was quoted as saying.

Kardashian was said to have insisted on a team of hair stylists and makeup artists at her side during the labour. She has also reportedly refused to breastfeed the baby, telling friends her body has been through enough.

Woman's Weekly reports all the tension of the labour, but concludes that Kardashian is enjoying being a new mum, breastfeeding and changing nappies, and she and West couldn't be happier.

"Kanye totally and completely adores Kim," a friend says.

All three of the main gossip mags appear to have been caught out by the baby's name. On Friday there were reports of good evidence the wee girl's name is North, but none of the magazines has that detail.

From popular culture royalty to the hereditary kind, with the Duchess of Cambridge due to give birth sometime around the middle of July.

Woman's Day reports the duchess is "getting the baby jitters!".

Exclusive pictures show Kate, 31, seemed overwhelmed by the pomp and ceremony of the Trooping the Colour parade, her final official appearance before giving birth.

" ... Her eyes welling up in tears, forcing her to dab at her trademark thick black eyeliner with a tissue."

Palace insiders are reported to have told the magazine the duchess is having a last-minute panic ahead of the arrival of her little prince or princess and can barely sleep at night with worry.

The Woman's Weekly report, headlined "State of Grace", says Kate is in full nesting mode.

Few people paid any attention to her as she wandered around a London furniture shop, sitting on sofas to try them out for comfort, the Weekly says in an article with pictures of the shopping excursion.

"The duchess, who appeared to be in nesting mode, looked thoughtful as she considered a range of sofas shown to her by sales staff."

Turning to other stories in the magazines.

New Idea reports that Miley Cyrus is back on the brink as she faces her parents' divorce and fresh criticism of her party-girl image. There's also a nice story about Canterbury Tactix netball captain Anna Thompson and former Crusaders rugby player Ross Kennedy - who make a good-looking couple.

Shortland Street star Kerry-Lee Dewing talks to Woman's Weekly about filming dramatic scenes while wearing skimpy shorts and a sports bra, while actor Robbie Magasiva - who used to be on Shortland Street and now plays a prison officer in Wentworth - talks about his children.

Woman's Day has pictures of actor Jay Ryan, now starring in US series Beauty and the Beast, with partner, playwright and director Dianna Fuemana and three-month-old baby Eve. Musician Dane Rumble also talks about the lengths he went to propose to girlfriend, model and fashion blogger Nikki Phillips.